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10 EPIC Blanket Forts (and How to Build One of Your Own)

by Joey Blanketfortmaster Phoenix

Stuck inside? Working remotely? Need a new environment to dream away negative thoughts? No matter how old you are, your life will dramatically improve by adding a couple of ingredients to your day: great snacks and an EPIC blanket fort. 

Here are some of the best blanket forts we’ve seen, plus some handy tips for building one of your own. If you build any epic forts this weekend and want to share, just tag us on social media @creativenorthshore.

What you’ll need:

  • Blankets (duh!)
  • Sheets
  • Sturdy Chairs
  • Clothespins or duct tape
  • Heavy Books for weights
  • Other books for reading
  • Faerie/xmas lights
  • Comfort objects

How to Make Your Own EPIC Blanket Fort

  1. Plan your layout. Do you want to pile blankets on the floor and build your house around them or do you want to use a bed as the base? Figure out where you can hang the high point of your tent and where the entrances will be. A bit of extra effort will lead to more blanket fort structural integrity (although, ending up in a heap on the floor can be fun too.)
  2. Figure out your framing. If you’re using chairs and couches, clear the space around them so you can have your open room. Feeling ambitious? Have the blanket fort take over your entire living room with separate interior “rooms.” You can go as big or as small as you like. The most simple blanket forts can be made with just two chairs and an imagination.
  3. Once you’ve framed your space, get those blanket coverings going! Cover as much as you can, using heavy books and clothespins to secure them to the frame.
  4. Decorate! Use faerie or xmas lights to transform the space into a wonderland. Bring in extra blankets, pillows, and comfy objects to make the room cozy.
  5. Make hot chocolate, pop some popcorn, and nestle in for a day of magical relaxation. After all that building, you’ve earned it!

10 EPIC Blanket Forts for Inspiration

127 Families Build Huge Blanket Fort, Then Give Them to Homeless

This EPIC blanket fort masquerading as a tent makes us all want to get away for a couple of days.

This light tunnel obviously leads to faerie. (Don’t eat the snacks in faerieland).

This bed-based fortress looks like the perfect place for a long nap

The perfect fort you and a bunch of your closest pals. They even made space for some greenery!

Youtuber Brett James built a two-story blanket fort with its own reading room. Blanket fort goals.

These cozy rugs make this seem like the best backyard Blanket Fort. All they need is some great friends and a couple of snuggly puppers.

Does this look like an ordinary blanket fort? Look again, it’s built on a TRAMPOLINE. It puts a whole new spin on jumping on the bed.

Making a quick blanket for kids? Don’t underestimate the power of bunk bed forts or under the kitchen table forts.

The more sheets and blankets the better! Look at this gorgeous parachute design situated around a light fixture.

Happy building!

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