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Old Salem “Miser” Pays for a Saltonstall Playground Via Murder Mystery 

Goodnight, Captain White, an interactive whodunit, to play at the Hawthorne Hotel

Salem, MA March 10, 2015:  History Alive, Inc., more familiar as the producers of downtown Salem’s Cry Innocent, is bringing the story of the 1830 death of sea captain Joseph White to comedic life. The March 31st, April 1st and April 2nd performances of the interactive whodunit will be in the library of the historic Hawthorne Hotel. To add to the fun, it’s a play for a playground. Saltonstall School, which moved back into its location on Lafayette Street almost three years ago, still needs play equipment for the older students. History Alive, Inc. is donating ticket proceeds to the Saltonstall PTO for this effort.

Playwright Mark Stevick, who also wrote Cry Innocent, says of the playground fund drive, “As a parent of kids who love to play outdoors, I’m eager to see Saltonstall have that extra incentive for all kids to enjoy the fresh air and just enjoy moving their bodies. It’s too easy for kids to get drawn into a cyber universe and miss out on the tangible world.” 

Nick Gesualdi, Saltonstall’s interim principal, notes how much he enjoys absorbing history when he walks around Salem. “As a former history teacher, I love that we can take advantage of the unique and important history that Salem offers. Leveraging the arts and history to help us raise funds for our school is awesome, and we are grateful for the generosity and support.”

President of Saltonstall’s PTO, Emily Froeschel, says, “Everybody gets to play here. Grownups from all over the north shore get a night out to laugh and solve a mystery together, and the school gets closer to the play equipment we need.”

To assist in the campaign to raise funds, each evening a member of the Saltonstall community (teachers, staff, and parents) will play the role of the Deputy in the play. The Deputy is usually appointed from the audience.

Tickets are $26 or $36, and $10 of the higher-priced admission will go to the playground fund. The show has the potential to raise $900 for the K-8 school on Lafayette Street. Tickets can be purchased at goodnightcaptainwhitehh.bpt.me