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Collaboration with Salem Sound Coastwatch and City of Salem Public Art Initiative

Salem, MA – Salem has a new public art project: “Drain SmART Salem”. The project is made possible through a collaboration between Salem Sound Coastwatch and the City of Salem Public Art Initiative.  “Drain SmART Salem” will use artistic storm drain murals to educate Salem residents about the connection between storm drains and the ocean. Storm drains empty rainwater directly into the ocean, carrying with it any trash or harmful chemicals from the street. Murals will be painted around drains on the sidewalk and street, incorporating environmental and ocean themes in a way that educates walkers and passing residents. 

“We are very excited about this project,” Said Barbara Warren, executive director of Salem Sound Coastwatch. “Most people don’t know that trash from the street like plastic bags and cigarettes butts flow directly into the ocean through storm drains.”

“Drain SmART Salem” invites local artists to submit mural designs for review and selection by Salem Sound Coastwatch and the City of Salem Public Art Commission. Once selected, artists will paint their designs on storm drain of their choice located throughout downtown Salem. Applications are currently available online at salemsound.org. If interested in submitting a design or to request more information, contact Jack Nessen at jacknessen@salemsound.org or at   978-741-7900.