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Looking for things to do in Salem? 

On this episode of the podcast we speak with Jeff Rougvie.. Jeff Rougvie is an American record label executive and founder, music consultant, IP expert, music expert witness in legal matters, music producer, DVD producer, artist, writer, publisher, toy & collectibles expert, DJ (who isn’t?), music historian, and partner in Supermegabot, a company that produces & sells limited edition Compact Discs, Art Toys, Novelties & other collectibles.

Jeff and John discuss Rykodisc, Salem, David Bowie, Stan Lee and more! 

Discussed in this episode:

Jeff Rougvie’s home base on the web


Mission of Burma


Salem Film Fest

Mark Sandman

Musical Family Tree


Waltham the Band

Better Call Busey

Bowie/Rykodisc/Salem: The Untold Story

The Daily Pravda

Expert Witness Work

Interesting things about Jeff



Seth Moulton

Read more about Jeff in The Boston Globe

Read more about Jeff and Rykodisc on Salem Digest

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