gimmeLIVE and Ruby Rose Fox Bring Female-Fronted Musicianship To Beverly

By Chris Ricci


Beverly MA – At this point, the prowess of the artists that take the stage of the Larcom Theatre is extremely well known. Ranging from blues auteurs to classic rock icons, gimmeLIVE has provided the North Shore area with one of the finest musical experiences since the legendary Sandy’s Jazz and Blues Revival. This constant display of well-known talent has also given up-and-coming local artists a chance to shine; regardless of the act or of the night, gimmeLIVE has given artists in the area the opportunity to open up for these legends, allowing their music to be heard, and giving hardened music fans a chance to see the talent that exists in their own backyard. Now, gimmeLIVE and The Larcom Theatre hope to create a new standard when it comes to showcasing local talent in the form of the first Queen Treatment Only Festival.

Ruby Rose Fox LarcomThe Queen Treatment Only Festival is a labor of love crafted by gimmeLive and Boston’s own Ruby Rose Fox. The plan? An all-female fronted music festival featuring local acts that range from up-and-coming singer/songwriters to award winning local staples. Ruby Rose Fox is an award-winning Boston-based artist who has taken home awards ranging from the Improper Bostonian’s award for Best Musician to the Female Performer of the Year award courtesy of New England Magazine. Her booming sound and undeniable musical prowess caught the attention of Martha Davis and The Motels, who she toured with in 2015, receiving critical praise. Now, Ruby Rose Fox is not only bringing her musical prowess to Beverly, but is also bringing her attentive ear by helping assemble a master-class of unmissable artists.


Artists on the bill include Bangor-based duo When Particles Colide, who have toured extensively nationwide for five years, the duo relies on D.I.Y recordings and bookings, keeping the artistic resources and growth between the two of them. Sarah Blacker is a locally based musician, Berklee attendee, and board-certified music therapist who lives by the phrase “songs save lives,” and has shared the stage with an incredible series of artists ranging from Sara Bareilles to Richard Thompson. Hayley Jane and the Primates are an award winning group that draws heavily from roots of American music, and have performed at a wide range of music festivals ranging from Disc Jam to The Gathering of the Vibes. Cruel Miracle, fronted by Sadie Vada, are a four piece Boston band that have extensively toured the East Coast since they formed in 2014.

Queen Treatment Only Larcom beverlyAlso included on the bill is Chelsea Berry, a New England based folk artist known for her work as a regular support for Livingston Taylor. Currently, Chelsea is working on a new album with the help of Kickstarter, and for more information, click here ( The seven-piece Motown revival The Dirty Dotty’s are as fun as they are talented, and feature a wide range of music teachers, as well as artists who have played with a wide array of bands ranging from local ska groups to The Misfits, and are the proud recipients of the New England Music Award for Pop Act of the Year. Jen Kearney is a Boston-based singer and songwriter whose influences range from funk and jazz to Latin and rock. Her voice has been called a suitable rival to the works of Stevie Wonder and Susan Tedeschi, and her albums have been hailed as modern-day examples of genre classics.

The Larcom Theatre and gimmeLIVE have done a fantastic job showcasing the talent of classic artists that are household names, and have proven time and time again that Beverly’s music legacy is still standing strong. With The Queen Treatment Only Festival and their work with Ruby Rose Fox, the Larcom will be home to an incredible range of exclusively female fronted bands that are not only locally based….but bound for greatness musically.

The Queen Treatment Only Music Festival is on Saturday, October 22nd at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly. The doors are at 7:00PM, and tickets are available both online and at the Larcom Theatre box office.

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Chris Ricci

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