Old School Game Show Wants YOU To “Come On Down” To CinemaSalem

By Chris Ricci

There are few things that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia more than television game shows. The glitz, the glam, the excitement, and the prizes are always a lot of fun, but it always left something to be desired. Most of those television programs were shot in Los Angeles, and even though it’s fun to see other people win it big on Wheel of Fortune and the like, one always wishes they were the ones taking home the prizes. Fortunately for Salem, residents have an opportunity to be a part of the action in a one-of-a-kind game show experience at Cinema Salem.

Old School Game Show takes the idea of old 1970’s television game shows and turns it sideways, making it a truly unique experience. “It’s like The Price is Right got drunk and started dancing on a tabletop” says Ginny Nightshade, executive producer of Old School Game Show. “We combine comedy, live music, dancing, and audience participatory trivia all in one show!”

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On the 27th, OSGS will be taking over CinemaSalem and will provide an incredible amount of tricks and treats for the audience. When audience members enter, they’ll be given a free play token from BitBar Salem, and from there, the prizes just keep getting better. When you arrive, you’re given the option to either participate or watch. If you chose to participate, your name will be put into the official “OSGS Fishbowl,” and eight lucky contestants will be called up to the stage (a’la Price is Right) and split into two competing teams for the first round. From there, the winning team will win fun prizes, and the losing team will be replaced with new contestants. This continues over the course of several rounds (each one featuring a completely new and original category) until the night’s contestants square off “Highlander Style” until there’s one final Old School Game Show Champion.

Old School Game Show Event PosterSeeing that this is Salem in October, Ginny promises that this Halloween episode of OSGS is not to be missed. “The show is chock full of scream queens, shorty-short rocking Nosferatus, and maybe a Frankenstein’s monster or two” she said. “We’re experts on getting blood out of shag carpeting, so expect a campy horror experience that’s all the fun of a three-ring circus… In Hell!” Of course, the entire OSGS team is excited for the show, and their love for game shows is only matched by their love for Halloween. “Halloween is our favorite time of the year and our Halloween episode is a perfect fit for the October scene in Salem” Ginny said. “We’ll be working with local burlesque troupe, The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, and local businesses, like Bit Bar. We hope that locals and tourists will come out to see what we have to offer and we know that we will show them a spooky good time.”

So, if you have a flair for old-school game shows, dancing, comedy, and Halloween, the Old School Game Show Halloween Special is certainly not to be missed. “We are thrilled to bring the alt-trivia revolution to Salem! We expect that the audience will have a fantastic time at Old School Game Show and that they’ll want to play with us forever….and ever….and ever!”

Old School Game Show’s Cinemasalem Halloween Hellraiser takes place this Thursday, October 27th. For more information, check out the event page below



Chris Ricci

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