Part game show, part live theater experience, Old School Game Show never holds back. With live music, sketch comedy, and a real-time game show, the audience can expect the same kind of raucous energy a three-ring circus and truly inspired entertainment brings!

OSGS is a live interactive theatre experience done with all the pageantry and analog style of a 1970’s television game show. The show combines elements of pub trivia, variety specials, video shorts, dance numbers,  and comedy sketches to produce a completely unique trivia experience that tests players pop culture acumen.

With influences as vast as vaudeville, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Andy Kaufman, and Battle of the Network Stars, how could you go wrong? The entire show is backed by an amazing live band playing original OSGS music. It’s all the fun of an afternoon spent rolling around in the rumpus room- without the rug burn.

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