A series of very short documentaries – all based in Salem, Massachusetts – created to premiere each year at Salem Film Fest that include regional music.

About Salem Film Fest

Entering its tenth year, Salem Film Fest is one of New England’s largest documentary film festivals and presents a rich and diverse collection of the year’s best work from all over the world.

Because Salem Film Fest focuses on well-told stories with strong technical elements and interesting visual approaches, each film screened over the week-long schedule represents an immersive aesthetic experience, an opportunity to glimpse the world with fresh eyes, and leave changed as a result.

Come to Salem, see the world.

Cobbler, Salem Sketches #6

Images – Hugh Walsh Editor – Laura Corwin Music – Leo Ciaramitaro Audio Mix – David Wilson Production Manager – Mary Beth Bainbridge Cat Video – Joe Cultrera facebook.com/salemsketches, salemfilmfest.com

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