The premise of PastryCast is a pretty simple one; Two hosts are given random questions pertaining to local history and it’s juxtaposition to modern topics. The catch… During the entire episode, the hosts will be delivered pastry from a local bakery.

PastryCast Salem MA.

Today’s episode of PastryCast brings local Historian Alyssa Conary and City Councilor Josh Turiel into the Creative Salem studios. The hosts were then asked to pick two random topics out of a bag and they chose these.

Is witch based tourism critical to the success of Salem?

How has the preservation of historic houses helped shape the current landscape of the city of Salem?

BUT!! The amazing bonus to hosting the PastryCast is that during the episode the hosts are delivered delicious pastry from a local bakery!

This week the featured “bakery” was Caramel Patisserie, right in the heart of Downtown Salem. A little about Caramel from their website: Caramel is a French Artesian bakery offering delicate treats handmade with expertise and care. Their Master Chef, Dimitri Vallier was raised in South Central France taught under world-renowned Chefs including, Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenôtre and Daniel Boulud. Patisserie techniques have been passed down through the family since World War II.

Caramel has also had quite a few accolades already, check out this awesome write up in North Shore Magazine for more info on this AMAZING new addition to Salem.

Today’s featured Pastry

Caramel Patisserie
A selection of GORGEOUS pastry

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