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Hair of the Dog by Andrew Bablo

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Andrew Bablo is a Montserrat graduate from the class of 2007 and a Beverly resident, artist, designer and business owner. He owns a small design studio, Steez Design, in downtown Beverly and has worked for dozens of commercial clients in the local area. Andrew has an extensive background in apparel design and is the former Editor-in-Chief of Steez Magazine, an international quarterly magazine that was distributed at major newsstands throughout the US and Canada. He also teaches Graphic Design part-time at Salem State and is a Creative Partner for HUBweek by the Boston Globe.

We asked Andy just a couple questions. Stay tuned in the future for more about Andy, Steez and creative collaboration!

Why are the aesthetics of bar culture such a fascinating thing? Why choose this for a theme?

I’ve traveled a decent amount throughout the country and have always enjoyed Americana.More particularly, there’s nothing like the thrill of rolling into a strange new town and finding the favorite local watering hole, or dive bar.I’ve been to quite a few and they’re always a blast. The beer might be cheap and stale but they almost always have some interesting signage. I’ve studied neon signage from the early 1900’s on and the dive bars have been progressing neon’s aesthetic from day one. I find it fascinating and I love that neon is finally making a comeback in the digital age.

What does 2017 look like for you?

2017 is going to be a busy year for me. Outside of the commercial work for Steez Design, I’ve got some exciting projects lined up. Thanks to The Beverly Cultural Council I’ll be hand painting a massive mural on two full bridge abutments on the waterfront in Beverly in the spring. We’re gonna paint them all the way around on every side so it will have an awesome visual effect. I’m also working with the city of Beverly and the business roundtable to develop our first Beverly tourism map. We’re hoping to start bringing some more people from outside of town into the downtown area as we have lots more restaurants, bars and retail these days. Further out I’m working with The Boston Globe to help develop HUBweek which is slated for October 8th-15th in downtown Boston. We’re developing an incredible festival within HUBweek that will combine art, music, technology and science into one large scale event that will be free and open to the public. Nothing like this has ever been done in Boston and I’m really excited about the progress we’ve already made. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming months.

[x_accordion_item title=”About Steez Magazine”]Steez Magazine® LLC is an influential culture quarterly founded in 2006. Steez features a broad variety of content focusing on snowboarding, skateboarding, art, music and the surrounding culture. Steez can be found at thousands of locations across all 50 states and Canada. Steez is published quarterly and distributed at key industry events, tradeshows, online, shops, retailers, colleges, schools, resorts,trade shows, major newsstands (including Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Indigo etc) and many other points of interest. Steez continues to grow on a regular basis all while keeping a commitment to the highest quality.[/x_accordion_item]

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