Suggested Reading – January 24, 2017

Make arts education standard – The Boston Globe

Kids need to learn about the arts. But teachers and parents have complained about the narrowing of elementary and secondary public education – specifically, that federal guidelines outlined by the George W. Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act, and applied by nervous school districts, squeezed subjects other than English and math out of the curriculum.

Salem and the Rise of Witch Kitsch

Stroll through the downtown of Salem, Massachusetts, and you’ll quickly run into the city’s most contentious piece of public art. Nine feet tall, made of polished bronze, and planted right in the middle of a central town green, the scandalous statue is all but impossible to avoid.

Breaking Grounds: Changing Lives One Cup at a Time

Northeast Arc’s Breaking Grounds Café is the perfect place to help people with disabilities gain customer and food service skills in pursuit of their dream job.

To Reach Potential Donors, Colleges Embrace New Technology

Inside Brandeis University’s development office, fifteen work-study students face a bank of computers, entering data and making calls. (Lydia Emmanouilidou/WGBH) Inside Brandeis University’s development office, fifteen work-study students face a bank of computers, entering data and making call, after call, after call.

Call to Artists

ArcWorks Invites Artists from Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to submit works for consideration to the Juried Exhibit, “What’s your Passion?” February 9th – March 15, 2017. The cold months of winter being a time for hibernation and reflection, we invite the Artist community to exhibit and warm the community spirit with their most favorite art, and that which they are passionate about, in any medium.

Then & Now: A History of Salem’s Playgrounds

From the beginning of Salem there was common space held for residents. This space first used for livestock, wood for building and military training, gradually changed with the needs of the town. As Salem became larger and more settled, these common spaces eventually morphed into a series of parks.

In-Camera Light Paintings by Hannu Huhtamo Sprout in the Darkness Like Alien Blooms

Utilizing a variety of light tools, Finland-based artist Hannu Huhtamo works in the dark to create these delightfully unusual light paintings. Appearing like alien flowers blooming in forests and abandoned buildings, each piece is created in-camera without the aid of Photoshop. Great Big Story recen

Jim Mouradian, a virtuoso of guitar repair, dies at 66 – The Boston Globe

Some of the fixes Jim Mouradian made in his guitar shop were measured in a thousandth of an inch – just enough to make all the difference to rock virtuosos who know that tiny tweaks refine a sound that sells millions of albums. His handiwork was just as important to amateurs who spend a few stolen moments with their guitars.

Interview: Amelia from Death Follows

Salem-based artist Amelia creates hand-painted, memento mori inspired wall plaques. Just a couple of months ago she started her Etsy shop “Death Follows”. I got the chance to ask her some questions about her art and the role death plays in her life. You make memento mori inspired wall plaques.


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