Salem Arts Festival Mural Slam 2017

CALL TO ARTISTS – 2017 Mural Slam!


2017 Salem Mural Slam

Artists’ Row, Salem, MA

CALL TO ARTISTS Mural Slam 2017

The City of Salem is seeking artists to participate in a “Mural Slam”, a public art project to take place during the Salem Main Streets, Salem Arts Festival, June 2-4, 2017.  The site for the 2017 Salem Mural Slam is a series of brick walls at Artists’ Row located in historic downtown Salem at 24 New Derby Street, across from Old Town Hall and Derby Square.  This area at the heart of the City was originally built as a market place and continues to this day to be an important public plaza and pedestrian way.

In the interest of enhancing the visual experience for residents and visitors in this great walking city, the City of Salem is inviting artists to help transform these spaces that are part of the City of Salem Art Space Initiative and the murals will provide an entertaining and stimulating experience to those that live in and visit Salem.



Who can participate?

Anyone may apply.  Either solo or in small teams.


Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4, 8:30am – 8:30pm.  It is anticipated that artists will complete the mural in this timeframe.   (Depending on weather artists may begin work on Friday, June 2)

Painting Surface:

There will be 10 walls available for the 2017 Salem Mural Slam. They will be primed plywood sheets mounted to the existing brick walls. The format will be 8’ wide by 4’ tall.


Due to the close proximity to other artists and local businesses during the event, along with practical considerations for drying time, Acrylic paint will be the only media permitted for use during the 2017 Salem Mural Slam.

Acrylic paint and individual painting surfaces will be provided by the city of Salem.  All other materials will be provided by the artist.


Murals will be hung in the Artists’ Row location for up to a year.  All Murals become the property of

the City of Salem.

Stipend and Award

Each artist will receive a $100.00 stipend for their participation.  Artists will also be eligible to compete for a $350.00 prize for the People’s Choice Award.

Payment for the stipend and the winner of the award will be paid within two weeks after the mural slam.

Application Requirements/Checklist

Applicants MUST attach the following items to the Application, in order to be considered for the 2017 Salem Mural Slam.  If more than one artist is participating on one mural, they must all include their names on the application.

  • Resume/Bio with contact information and website (if applicable)
  • Examples of artwork – (See application)
  • Four Jpeg images of previous work
  • Artist proposal

Artists’ proposals for the mural should be a scale image or description based on the dimensions of the wall.

Proposals should include the artist’s signature (or identifying mark) as it would appear on the mural.  All submitted applications become the property of the City of Salem.

  • Applications will be ineligible if they involve:
  • A breach of intellectual property rights (i.e., somebody else’s idea)
  • Trademarks, brand or business names, logos or copyrighted images
  • Anything that is harmful to a third party


  • May 10, 4pm Deadline for Applications
  • May 17 Notification to Applicants
  • Saturday, June 3 & 4 “Mural Slam” Paint on location


Deborah Greel, Public Art Planner

Department of Planning and Community Development

120 Washington Street

Salem, MA    01970

Public Art Commission | City of Salem MA

The Salem Public Art Commission was established in 2014 after the completion of the City of Salem Public Art Master Plan in 2013. The Commission is comprised of seven residents of the City of Salem, appointed by the Mayor, who have backgrounds in art, architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, art or architectural history, or design.



2017 salem Mural slam application


Name of Artisan/Artists/Group: __________________________________________________________________

Primary Contact Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone #: ____________________________________ Cell Phone #: _________________________________

Email Address: __________________________________ Website: ________________________________________

Statement of Interest (no more than 50 words): ________________________________________________






Photo Description Sheet/Examples of Previous Work

PHOTO #1 ― Title:
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) in inches:


PHOTO #2 ― Title:
Dimensions (HxWxD) in inches:


PHOTO #3 ― Title:
Dimensions (HxWxD) in inches:


PHOTO #4 ― Title:
Dimensions (HxWxD) in inches: