Spring Tweed Ride Swings into Motion Saturday

Join Boston Tweed as we explore historic Salem on our annual Spring Tweed Ride! We’ll be taking a leisurely ride – with fashion sense, of course – along the scenic byways of Salem, take a short stop for pictures on beautiful Winter Island, and then we’ll journey on to Willows Park for a mid-ride picnic (be sure to pack your hamper). The Midway is scheduled to be open, so also bring some spending money and win your sweetie a kewpie doll! Afterward, we’ll peddle back to town and end for a post-pint tipple at the Lobster Shanty.

After this long winter, don’t forget your ABC’s and a quick check for your bicycle so you’re ready to go (Air, brakes, crank, chain, and quick release). We will also have a few experienced riders on the Common early to give you any last minute help.


Still looking for more info?  Our friend and collaborator Adam Prentiss gave us the run down.

1.)First obvious question – What is a Tweed Ride?

A Tweed Ride or Tweed Run as it is referred too across the pond in London is a group bicycle ride with a bit of style. The participant in this event would normally dawn some form of Tweed or vintage attire and be pedaling around on a vintage bicycle.

Although these are not strict parameters for participation, all we ask is that you make a bit of an effort.

2.) Are there more tweed rides or is this a one-off?

As mentioned above this is not the first or only Tweed Ride to take place around the area or even the globe, however, this is the inaugural ride to take place here in Salem. Other great local rides include Boston and Portsmouth. You can find more detailed information about those events and the great people who host them at the links below.

3.) Where can people learn more about Tweed and events like this. Where can they buy some sweet gear?

There is a really great local community of folks who spend their time and energy putting together some unique events for all of us to enjoy. All it takes is a little interest and a little bit of digging and you will start to familiarize yourself with this dapper disposition.

Here are a few places to start digging:





4.) Why is Salem so appealing to niche events like this?

One of the foundational blocks upon which we build events like this is “community”, and Salem is home to such a diverse and creative community that I feel it is a natural fit for an event like this. Salem really has everything one could want to have surrounding them while enjoying an event like this. It is way better to be experienced rather than explained, but, if you need a few terms to prompt your decision-making then here you go. History, Architecture, world class museum, the ocean, great food and libations, local breweries, the Willows, Skee Ball, arcades, and lastly the world’s best Popcorn!

5.) Have any suggestions for things people could do while in town for the ride?

To answer this, I first direct you back to last part of my previous questions answer, but if one is looking for an answer that dives into a something with a little more focus on specific happenings then I defer you to the best source for local information. That, of course, being Creative Salem and their AMAZING events calendar. 

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