Five Community Events will help design the new public space at 289 Derby Street

Wednesdays from 5-8pm, May 24 – June 21

The City of Salem, Salem Public Space Project and Creative Salem welcome the community to participate in an exciting and innovative approach to placemaking.

Last year, the City of Salem acquired 289 Derby Street to be developed as a new public space. After a public289 Derby Placemaking Creative Salem process, CBA Landscape Architects of Cambridge became the primary designers with Salem Public Space Project and Creative Salem as local leaders tasked with managing the community engagement/schematic design for the parcel.

The singular location of 289 Derby, at the crossroads of so much potential, deserves a robust participatory process coupled with a visionary public space that will improve the present quality of life and catalyze ongoing changes for Salem as a regional hub on the North Shore.

We are excited to fully harness the energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness of all the many Salem communities, businesses and organizations through an innovative process for park design. This is a new approach on the placemaking process and these organizations are very excited to redefine the participatory elements of placemaking.

[x_pullquote type=”left”]Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well being[/x_pullquote]

The community will be invited to meet on the site over five weeks with activities and performances crafted that will stimulate your imagination, inform what is possible, and have fun with activities that you would like to see integrated in the future. From dancing and eating to meet-ups and communal exercise, the options are only limited by what the community envisions. The result will be a collective design built on the consensus of those who will use the space for many years to come.

Please join us at all the family-friendly community meetings. All of these meetings are designed to be inclusive for all and special accommodations will be considered.


Dance & Design on the Water

Wednesday, May 24 5-8pm

Come help design this new public space! Write down your favorite activities on the chalkboard wall, take a photo at the photo booth, walk the site of the future park, and dance if the mood strikes you, or simply sit and enjoy the performances of the Salsa, Modern, and Scottish local dance groups!

Meet & Share on the Water

Wednesday, May 31 5-8pm

Come share what you love about public space and what you envision for this new public space. We’ll have purposeful conversations about the character, programming, meaning, culture, and possibilities for this centrally located parcel!

Plan & Play on the Water

Wednesday, June 7 5-8pm

Come plan the possibilities of activities, community events, use, and character while you meet friends, and maybe even join in a game of ping-pong, musical chairs, some yoga, or simply watch all the action!

Eat & Imagine on the Water

Wednesday, June 14 5-8pm

Pull up a seat anywhere you like and meet and make friends as you imagine the real potential for this waterfront parcel with our Placemaking Placemats while enjoying some local food!

Party on the Water – Final Event

Wednesday, June 21 5-8pm

Join our final event that will showcase our collaborative efforts and reveal the Collective Schematic Plan! Meet friends, have fun, and imagine how this space will transform in a year’s time.

Ongoing updated information can be found at including a survey and coverage of each event.

Your participation is truly critical and will have a tangible effect on the final and permanent design for what will be an iconic public space. Please join us and bring your friends of all ages!

If you would like to sponsor any of these events please contact us here.

Salem Public Space Project – A collective effort to engage residents in understanding and reimagining local public spaces, Salem Public Space Project is an entity of Studioful, a design practice based in Salem MA specializing in architecture, community art, and neighborhood design.

Creative Salem – Creative Salem is an organization of like-minded creative individuals with the mission of ensuring creativity and the arts are a relevant part of the daily community and small business life. A new approach at educating the community and businesses on the importance that a healthy artistic, innovative and cultural environment play on day to day life as well as contribute to a robust economy.

CBA Landscape Architects – CBA Landscape Architects LLC designs a wide variety of landscape architectural projects with a diverse set of goals. They are landscape architects who pride themselves on their sensitive designs, attention to detail, and service to their clients. Whether working with a public agency or architect they communicate clearly and encourage dialogue to guide the design and make the design process flow smoothly.


Claudia Paraschiv


Studioful, Salem Public Space Project

10 Derby Square, Garden Level ND

Salem MA 01970


Media Contact

John Andrews


Creative Salem

265 Essex Street

Salem MA. 01970

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