Five Questions with Goodnight Fatty

A Cookie Story

by Jen and Erik

Late one night after a nice dinner out in Salem MA, we weren’t quite ready to call it a night. “You know what I could go for right now? – a cookie” In that moment we sadly realized that we were out of luck unless we were willing to bake our own. We spent the rest of the walk home talking about how we couldn’t be only ones who experience these late night cookie cravings.

In that moment, Goodnight Fatty was born. Popping up around Salem MA, this pop-up cookie shop will curb your sweet tooth.

Each weekend we sling a new variety of “Fatties” (That’s what we call cookies) made in small batches, with ethical and quality ingredients. Most importantly, served warm when you need them most.


We had a chance to ask Erik and Jen a few questions in between cookie batches 🙂

What is a fatty, what was your inspiration?

We were going to call the company Goodnight Cookie, we even made all the mocks up and model our creative after the children book Goodnight Moon. Our inspiration was to recreate the warm fuzzy feeling of childhood – Jen

One day we were walking at Market St in Lynnfield and stumbled across the clothing store FAT FACE. I Chuckled and said out loud “Fat Face… Goodnight Fat Face… Goodnight FATTY!” I looked over at Jen and in that moment knew it was the right name. -Erik

We liked it because it was mildly offensive and stuck in your mind, but we didn’t want to offend our patrons or allude to the idea that we are calling them fat. So it was decided then that the cookies would be called fatties. – Jen

We love it. We also love that we can push what a fatty is in the future. Who knows, in the future maybe a fatty doesn’t need to be sweet at all… Maybe a fatty doesn’t even need to be a cookie -Erik

What is your favorite cookie? And are you a cookies and milk couple?

I’d say we’re a Cookie and Almond Milk couple! Anything with our Brown Butter dough is my favorite because it has a complex buttery flavor that I’ve never had in a cookie before. – Jen

My jam is anything made with our Dark Chocolate Dough, so far I think the Peanut Butter S’more is my favorite, which happens to be Jen’s least favorite Haha – but it’s worth noting that it’s the compromise between the two of us that ensures we’ll have something for everyone each week. -Erik

Goodnight Fatty and Tidal Shift Window Display Salem MA

Since the secret is out.. Tell us where your new space is and how people can find it.
We’re in a dimly lit alley called Higginson Sq. We’re really close to Essex St… and Washington St… and Front st…. It’s Perfect. You enter in the alley and pop out the other side of the building at Old City Hall. There you’ll find a plethora of tables and benches to enjoy your Fatty on.

How has Salem treated you so far?

We wouldn’t be here without Salem. Salem is our home and we love it here. Jen and I are proud to be part of this exciting time for the city and we owe a lot to the local business owners who’ve vouched for us supported us each step of the way. – Erik

Salem offers a small community feel complimented by the big city vibe, after growing up on a farm in New Hampshire that means a lot to me. – Jen

PastryCast 4 – Goodnight Fatty

On this episode of the Creative Salem Podcast Josh and Alyssa talk to Erik and Jenn from Goodnight Fatty. Goodnight Fatty is a late night homemade cookie pop up that has been taking Salem by storm.

What does the future hold for Goodnight Fatty?

We’re going to keep polishing our new operation in the alley at Higginson Sq. We hope to bring on a few more team members to help us sling fatties while we work to save up enough to finish our Kitchen on 1 Jefferson Ave, The Fatty Factory. With a kitchen of our own, we’ll be unstoppable and be able to offer delivery. – Jen

Fortunately, we were both naive when we took on building this kitchen and had no idea how much time, money, and energy would be involved. If we had known, we probably would have been too scared to start! We’ve come too far now though and we’re committed to seeing this project through. – Erik

Where you can find the Goodnight Fatty Pop Up – Higginson Square -Downtown Salem.

Hours are Friday and Saturday 7-11pM


Jen and Erik from Goodnight Fatty helped Creative Salem and Salem Main Streets kick off the New Year – Photo by John Andrews Photography for Creative Salem

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