Jacyn Tremblay at the Cabot
Jacyn Tremblay
Photo by John Andrews Photo

Jacyn Tremblay is a local singer/songwriter who has traveled and performed in a variety of iterations from pop band JADA to the Salem Halloween Rock and Roll Diva Scary Mary to her current role as one-half of the power duo Venus Mars Project. You can learn more about Jacyn on her brand new website! 

We have been working with you for years but for people that don’t know the enigma that you are.. Who is Jacyn Tremblay?

It’s been some time hasn’t it?! Wow, time flies when you are having fun!
Who am I? I’m a pretty happy person who loves performing, singing, and creating. I love to bake, work hard, play hard and enjoy life to the fullest. I am me.

We remember meeting you at Jaho years ago.. What brought you there? What were the early days of Jacyn the artist like?

My love of coffee (and a regular paycheck) led me to Jaho Coffee and Tea; a unique coffee shop on Pickering Wharf in Salem. When I started working there, I was in an all-girl vocal group called Jada and was busy touring and recording all over the country. My barista career was flexible enough that I could come and go as I needed to. I actually left work at JAHO last year, but I’m thankful that my current job at The North Shore Music Theatre is a not only a creative job, but allows for some flexibility with my artistic endeavors.
With music on my mind from a very young age, I have always had jobs that gave me the freedom to come and go when projects have come up (which I am grateful for). Since college, I have been very lucky to be part of music and theatre projects locally and regionally. I’ve been singing and creating music since I was really small, so it’s just who I am. To be honest I don’t recall a life before “creative” Jacyn.

All that being said.. the journey over the past few years has been amazing to watch.. How did you go from being a coffee barista to one half of the acclaimed Venus Mars Project?

I think the transition has been gradual and organic. As far as my creative projects go, I have to say i’ve been fortunate to find them when the timing is right. I was a barista while in my previous group Jada. As that was ending I was approached by a Jaho customer (horror aficionado/director Kevin Letourneau) to be in an original rock horror musical called “Scary Mary and the Audio Corsette“. It was during the rehearsal process for “Scary Mary” that I met my current musical partner singer/songwriter/guitarist Peter Tentindo. Like myself, Peter had also just finished his obligations in his previous band and was in the market to start something new. Through our many conversations about the music business and in revealing our goals for the future; Venus Mars Project was born. It’s been almost 5 years since we started that band, and it’s been full of ups and downs. We’ve been entirely self-funded up to this point which has its own set of challenges, but things are moving in a really good direction. We just started recording new material and have plans for a big crowd-funding campaign this summer.
The most fun for us is to perform live. We do acoustic shows as well as full band gigs all around New England. Our hope is that if we keep doing what we are doing, we will catch the ear of someone who believes in the project and helps to elevate it to the next level.

You are a frequent collaborator on many projects with MANY creative professionals… What have been your

Jacyn Tremblay at the Cabot Beverly
Jacyn Tremblay
Photo by John Andrews Photo

highlights? Anyone you wish you could work with that you haven’t?
The launch of my new website jacyntremblay.com really reminded me of how many different things I have done in my artistic life so far. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work on my music with other creatives and to perform in some of the coolest places around! Locally, one of my favorite gigs has been singing as a guest vocalist with The Hillyer Festival Orchestra and to perform some standards from the Great American Songbook. I’ll be joining them again on July 4th for the Salem Fireworks concert which is something that I’ve always wanted to do! With Venus Mars Project-one of my favorite gigs so far has been opening for the Gin Blossoms at the beautiful Cabot Theatre in Beverly. It’s hard to choose “highlights” because all of my gigs have been different and each has been rewarding . From singing acoustically in restaurant corners to performing the national anthem at major sporting events in stadiums there’s really been a wide range of rewarding feelings that come from doing what you love, no matter where you do it or who is watching.
My ultimate goal is to be performing most nights of the week, and to support myself completely from being an artist. I have never really cared about being “famous”, but if fame is something that comes from putting yourself “out there” and connecting with people in a big way, then I guess it’s something you embrace and use for good.

You are a shooting star… What is next for Jacyn?

Aw, I appreciate that. I am just following what I believe I was put here to do which is to sing.
I’m really looking forward to all of my plans for the future. As I mentioned earlier Venus Mars Project is moving forward with writing and recording new material to release as well as preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign. It requires quite a bit of my time, but it’s what I love to do. My day job is ramping up to be pretty busy too. The North Shore Music Theatre (where I work in community relations) has got a great lineup of Broadway quality musicals and concerts which I get to see, so that feeds my theater lover side. I have the best boss on earth too (Karen Nascembeni-queen of the North Shore) She’s a rock star in her own right. Thankfully, she’s always been an avid supporter of my musical aspirations. If a gig comes up, she’s the first one to say “take the time off and do your thang”. I am lucky to have some great people in my corner.
On another note, I just launched my new website (www.jacyntremblay.com) which is pretty neat. I often reflect on how many creative and talented people have helped me to progress as a performer. The arts community here on the North Shore is just unbelievable!!! Literally every day I’m meeting creative people who are all connected to each other and truly love supporting the arts. We have a special thing here. It’s almost like a modern day renaissance!
I love Creative Salem. I have made so many friends via its network. All in all, life is pretty awesome. Thanks for taking the time to interview me.



#LaLaLaLove performed live at Wolf Den in Mohegan Sun – Venus Mars Project – Pop Rock Music Boston

Venus Mars Project performing their single #LaLaLaLove at the Wolf Den in Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. The performance was part of the finals of the Mohegan Sun 2015 Locals Live competition in December 2015.

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