Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin – Wholistic Wardrobe Stylist

Q) Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

A) I offer styling services ranging from the editing of your closet to new wardrobe-building piece by piece. I also can assist with special event styling. Whether you need a complete closet refresh or just some assistance in finding the perfect event outfit I can customize my services to suit the need. As a stylist, I am passionate about using what you own for clothing in a new way and styling on a shoestring budget.

Q) What do you love the most about (your business)?

A) I meet and work with amazing women of all ages and all types of lifestyles.

Q) How does (your business) contribute to the Creative Economy?

A) I have a lot of clients who own their own small business in the area and are involved in the creative economy. I also want to help people build their curated closet with unique maker products in both garments and accessories.

Q) What’s your favorite part of (your business)?

A) I have the opportunity to do a lot of work with non-profits such as Leap4Education in Salem at Shetland Park. I work with teens to help them develop an understanding of what you wear to your college interviews and first job interviews.

Q) What’s the one thing people wouldn’t know about you or (your business)?

A) My own home is almost entirely repurposed contents Vintage, recycled, reused items from 1949-2012.

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