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Robyn from Creative Collective and Creative Salem and Melissa from Now Age Travel take a fresh approach to women’s history in Salem. More than a city of witches, Salem has always had a history of bold women shaping the area for famous, infamous and lesser-known happenings. Listen to Robyn and Melissa chat with local residents, creatives, politicians, historians and feminist leaders about the history of Salem and the women that influenced it.

Robyn & Melissa get back together to chat with new Salem Ward 2 Councilor, Christine Madore. The three discuss one of Salem’s recent female heroes, Ada Louise Huxtable, and her ability to save Salem from becoming a major highway.

Robyn even tries to explain why some centuries old homes around Salem are black but gets “stuck” on sap (pun intended). Don’t fret, historians –  we’ve already made sure Robyn knows she meant to say “linseed oil” not “tree sap”).

This episode is made possible by Creative Salem. Want to help keep our creative work sustainable? Become a member! Use code HISTORYCAST for $15 off the annual membership fee.

Topics discussed in the podcast:

NOW Age Travel

The Witch House

The Grimshaw House

Christmas in Salem

This podcast is part of the Creative Collective Podcast Network.

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