Observing the Winter Garden — at The House of the Seven Gables. Photo by Jim Bostick
I was given an extraordinary opportunity to make photographs within the houses at the House of the Seven Gables in Salem MA.
I love to tell stories enclosed in my images. Within The House of the Seven Gables who couldn’t become immersed in the idea that so many lived moments have taken place within these marvelous rooms. I imagine all the people who’ve lived in this home, both real and written by Hawthorne, every time I visit this historic place. Each image creates a thoughtful moment in my picture that you, the viewer, get to finish as a story in your mind. I’m inspired by storytelling and here attempt to portray a small bit of theater. 
I huge thank you goes out to The House of the Seven Gables and the cast of the recently staged readings of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The House of the Seven Gables. It was a privilege to have an opportunity to make these photographs. 

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Actor credits to Trudi Olivetti, John Fogle, Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, Ashley Skeffington, Steve Rotolo, Barbara Lasovick, Carole Weidman, Victor Brandelese


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