By Roby Giannopolo (@book_witch)

When Marina Griffin Studio became a member of The Collective last fall, I immediately checked out their Instagram and fell in love with their handmade jewelry and scarves. After a long winter (is it finally spring!?), I finally had an opportunity to meet with Kelly and her family at their incredible studio.

The streets of Salem were congested, given the nice weather and some power pole replacements on Essex Street. But as I pulled up to Marina Griffin Studio, just outside of downtown Peabody, I turned off my car and paused to look around. I had just turned a corner off of Main Street, but just in front of me was a small looking 18th century home painted bright yellow, and surrounded by greenery and trees: I simply sighed. Such an enchanting place to spend my Monday afternoon. 

Kelly Griffin welcomed me at the gate,and we sauntered up the wooden path towards the house and paused to glance over the brook that runs through the yard - a yard covered with trees and spring grasses - right in the heart of Peabody.

Inside the studio, Kelly explained that the beads used by Marina, her mother, to design their signature jewelry pieces are “New/Old” - which means vintage, but never used. They purchased the pieces from a source who procured them from the once bead capital of the world, Rhode Island.  

The family used three cars to bring the beads to Peabody and spent a year sorting them by hand and organizing by color. Now, the beads are stored in an antique library catalog and neat, white bins. Marina later explained that while she’s beading the pieces, she often makes an extraordinary mess, but her children, Kelly included, take careful time to help her clean the space. It is clear this is a warm and loving family run small business.

Further inside the studio I met Kelly’s sister Joy - the family weaver. She and Kelly provided a demonstration of their foot loom weaver (which you can check out here) and the incredibly detailed scarves Joy weaves by hand (and foot!). Their wool, like the beads, is of the utmost quality, and Kelly was excited to share one scarf of pink and red with glitter notes (my absolute favorite) was secured from a former Coco Chanel shop.

My afternoon tour of the stunning Marina Griffin Studio ended with Marina showing me some of her favorite pieces and explaining that they include a champagne gold bead between each other bead as their signature look - this not only makes the pieces stand out, but also gives them a bit of pizazz to dress up any casual look.

The Griffin Family is opening their studio this Saturday from 3:00 - 9:00 PM for a tour and a Mother’s Day sale. The studio is open open to the public two or three times each year, so you won’t want to miss this one. If you mention Creative North Shore when you go, you will receive 20% off your purchase, so let them know we told you about their family owned studio at a seemingly enchanted home just outside of downtown Peabody.

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