New business takes a 'bite' out of the Downtown retail scene.

One of the more exciting ribbon cuttings to happen was courtesy of the all new shop in Salem Vampfangs. Featuring sideshow acts by Dr. Bones Circus of Marvels, appearances by local characters including Nosferatu, a visit by the Salem Chamber and the Mayor of Salem Kim Driscoll this was NOT your typical opening celebration!

From the murky darkness of a studio apartment in Historic Salem Massachusetts, a young entrepreneur lays the groundwork for what would become the world’s largest source for custom fit vampire fangs.

About Vampfangs

The year: 1993. Vampfangs peddled fangs to small stores, door-to-door. They would set up a booth in Salem during Halloween to offer passersby a chance to have their own custom fit fangs. Customers clamored to become instantly transformed. “What else have you got?” was a common reaction. In the shadows of his mind, Vampfangs knew they were on to something. He also knew that the Gothic / Alternative / Vampire customer base was worldwide, and to reach it he need a worldwide approach. The internet. And thus, was born.

Vampfangs has found incredible success by remaining innovative and always appealing to a wider range of customers. Today, Vampfangs has come full circle back in Salem with a new retail location on Essex Street!

VAMPFANGS/ @vampfangsofficial

244 Essex Street • Salem, MA 01970

Creative Collective Partner Vampfangs

Vampfangs is a member of the Creative Collective. Creative Collective is a business program that provides opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, non profits, organizations and individuals that are looking for a more modern and creative approach to business growth and brand awareness.