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North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine is focused on assisting patients in achieving optimal health through a variety of traditional and modern interventions. We specialize in Women’s Health, Fertility, Mental-Health, Digestion, and Pediatrics. At the practice we aspire to provide patients with the support and knowledge needed to take control of their lives and their health. We approach health with acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition consultation, and lifestyle modification to establish impactful results that transcend mind, body and spirit.

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Allison is a visually impaired practitioner who has used her extensive training in Japanese acupuncture to perfect her skills in palpation and strengthen her other senses which grant her a powerful interpretation of the body and the manifestations of illness within patients. In Japan, blind practitioners are often considered ‘Masters’ of acupuncture and at one point in time acupuncture was a profession specifically held for the blind. Allison is the only vision impaired practitioner on the East Coast and one out of a very limited percentage of acupuncturists in the world to practice under this heightened scope of healing. When Allison was in college she began to suffer from severe menstrual and digestive pains, despite her conscious health, fitness, and nutritional efforts. She felt as though Western medicine was dismissive of her complaints and could offer her no resolution for her symptoms. At that point she began to seek the help of a Chiropractor, whom which referred her to an Acupuncturist. After undergoing several treatments over a course of a few months her symptoms began to vanish, and the rest is history! Allison is prepared to listen carefully to complaints and concerns that may have been overlooked or dismissed by other health care providers. She is prepared to take the time to get to the bottom of health concerns and seek total resolution of symptoms. Most of all, Allison is excited to watch her patients lives and health blossom as they gain valuable information and insight that promote their success on their path to wellness.

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Health is not one dimensional. It takes many facets both personally and within the community to establish a solid foundation for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Health and wellness is not just diet and exercise. In my opinion, a healthy person is a product of healthy and helpful community. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has also taught me that people are individuals and should be treated as such. Therefore, no one intervention works the same way for the same individual, and by having a dedicated group within the community with heir own unique talents is beneficial. It is highly impactful to be able to build strong relationships with other business owners in the community to assist my patients in their lives when they are not in my care.

What was the last book you read OR What was the last video you watched that made an impact on you?

“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. This book taught me that wherever you are in life, or how far away from a goal you might be, sometimes all you need is a long walk and a little distance to ask yourself some difficult questions.

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you our your business?

Although I am legally blind, I love outdoor rock climbing outdoors, hiking, and running with my guide dog Kennedy. At one point, I was also training with the Paralympic Biathlon team in Lake Placid, NY.