Bordalo ii Mural Artist at Beyond Walls 2019

The Street Artists of Beyond Walls 2019 – Photo Gallery

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Bordallo ii – 80 Almont Street –  Photos by Creative Collective MA The Beyond Walls Street Art Festival 2019 took place from July 22 – August 3, bringing in talented artists all over the world to create poignant and breathtaking murals that will add to the growing vibrancy of Lynn’s landscape. Beyond Walls introduces public [….]

The Darkness in Me Recognizes the Darkness in You with Black Widow Yoga

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Tina Moroney of Black Widow Yoga talks emotional processing, yoga stereotypes, and what it means to really leave it all on the mat. by Joey Phoenix Yoga is a cultural phenomenon often associated with kombucha, lululemon, and Instagram lifestyle models. There’s yoga for moms-to-be, yoga with goats and rabbits, and even yoga on paddleboards. Although [….]