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5 Questions with Erik Rodenheiser – Sweets Edition

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WHAT: Erik Rodenheiser, Super Sweet Improv Comedy Night

WHERE: Gallows Hill Museum Theatre 7 Lynde St, Salem, Massachusetts

WHEN: February 9&10, 2018  – 7PM


5 Questions with Erik

Robyn: What inspired you to have an improv show during Salem So Sweet?

Erik: I love improv, and I love love, and I love dopamine. (Chocolate releases dopamine!) so, I thought this would be a great time to put all three together and do a show.

Robyn: You also act in staged performances – is there something thrilling about improv? Or does it scare the heck out of you?

Erik: Thrilling, yes! Unlike a scripted show, or stand up comedy, where you know what you are going to say (for the most part) Improv is thinking on your toes and going with the flow. It’s a wonderful challenge for actors. It doesn’t scare me, it’s quite invigorating!

Robyn: In improv, you must have to find ways to work as a team to keep the conversation moving forward. Are you willing to share your secret?

Erik: Well… the secret, if there is one, is to be a “giver.” The best conversations in life are when two people LISTEN to each other, so that they can add to the conversation and move it forward. We all improvise every day, just not on stage. If you forget about the fact that you are on stage, and enjoy the moments, it comes together wonderfully. Another helpful insight is to END the conversation (or the scene) when it hits a high note, no matter how soon that might be.

Robyn: What’s the theme for the upcoming show?

Erik: The theme is love, romance, and relationships. Some of the improv games that we have are “love” themed, but because it’s improv, you never know!

Robyn: How can we get tickets?

Erik: Send me flowers, chocolates and promises you don’t intend to keep. OR, go to Gallows Hill. You can also call 978-825-0222.

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