Creative North Shore is the community/lifestyle division of Creative Collective LLC.

Creative Collective LLC connects creativity, community, and commerce across the North Shore. As a collective of creative professionals, small businesses, organizations, and individuals we coordinate a series of events, traditional and non-traditional marketing initiatives, resources, and best practices to define why creativity matters in all aspects of life.

We do this by providing opportunities and online marketing, detailed calendar listings, media coverage, advocacy, event creation/ management and consultations to help promote local artists, nonprofits, and small businesses. 





John Andrews (He/Him)

Owner • Photographer • Whovian • Underdog

John is the owner of Creative Collective, Creative North Shore and John Andrews Photography. John has spent the past five years unraveling the mystery of why there is an unbalance and gap between traditional and ‘creative’ businesses and has established the collective to work with modern, open minded businesses looking to make the world a more artistic, cultural and creative place AND close that gap. A lover of the underdog, all music that gives you the “feels” Doctor Who, and community in general.

Arielle Kaplan (She/Her)

Operations Director • Avid Sewist and Cosplayer • Performer Extraordinaire

New England-Native Arielle Kaplan has been involved in the North Shore creative community for almost a decade. Arielle has worked alongside the Collective, in all its forms, as an individual artist and collaborator. Some of these projects have included costumed historic interpretation at Ye Olde Pepper Companie as Mrs. Mary Spencer and performing with Intramersive, LLC. – recently, as Margaery Tyrell at the Collective’s Winds of Winter Ball. Arielle is an avid sewist and cosplayer, with an interest in historic costuming. She spends a great deal of her time in a galaxy far, far away, portraying Princess Leia for The Rebel Legion.

Joey Phoenix (They/Them)

Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation • Manic Scribbler • Professional Faerie • Guinea Pig Enthusiast

Joey is a professional faerie character performer with a passion for big creative ideas, biodegradable glitter, and the oxford comma. They joined Creative Collective as Managing Editor in late 2018 to help the team tell stories about what’s up and coming in the North Shore Creative Economy, which they continue to do in their expanded role of Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation.  

When they’re not interviewing creatives or scribbling stories in the wee hours of the morning, you can find them photographing animals or performing songs about nature for children of all ages.


There really is no better way then to show off highlights of what the creative economy can bring to the community than using events as a platform to showcase the professionals that work in the creative space on a daily basis.

From Drive-Ins to Horror Festivals to flash mobs to pop up art installations,  Food Truck Festivals and everything in between we are always following industry trends for the most successful way to run events that compensate artists/creatives and benefit the community through creative placemaking.


By fostering local creatives with a network and platform to showcase their skills and talents we facilitate creative networking, gather comprehensive event listings, consult, market and stand as a central curation point for all the wonderful cultural things currently happening, and those on the horizon around Salem. Our members sit on all the major creative and cultural boards and committees ensuring that the creative professional always has a voice at the table. As a member of the Creative Collective we are also able to extend beyond Salem if it is beneficial to the artists/creatives we support.


Arts and creativity are visual. The coverage, promotion and marketing of all the amazing things that are created, performed needs to be equally as appealing to the eyes, ears and soul. Through a series of best marketing practices and high quality professional photography, videography, social media coverage and writing we have introduced hundreds of thousands of people to the depth and diversity of the creative scene in Salem and beyond. Our collective of professionals assemble and tell the stories that traditional media tends to shy away from. The combined tools help to shape the new narrative of creativity on the North Shore.

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