Making Waste Worthwhile with Salem Public Space Project

By Joey Phoenix

Pictures by John Andrews Photography for Creative Salem

 We’ve all been there, stuck in traffic on a busy street, when suddenly a something slightly grey and otherworldly slips into your field of vision. Once your eyes focus you see it clearly for what it is.

A plastic bag.

The windswept debris has taken to the air, wrapping itself around your antenna, blocking out your radio signal, messing up your quality of existence.

Or sometimes it floats on by and you go back to singing along to Katy Perry (because baby, you’re a firework).

Plastic bags are the tumbleweeds of urban life, and many of us take their ubiquitous appearances for granted. Our brains block out their frequency because, apart from being a nuisance, this aerodynamic plastic detritus rarely affects our lives at all.

At least, so we think.

Claudia Paraschiv, artist and architect behind The Salem Public Space Project – the creative force behind the 2014 HulaArt Project and the 2015 “Move with Me” Pinwheel Project – is out to change our minds. She’s also out to make an incredible art installation that will fly over our heads for the 2017 Salem Arts Festival.

This coming year she’s teaming up with Salem Sound Coastwatch, From the Bow Seat, and volunteers from the Salem community for a whole new community art project and installation, one that will use primarily, you guessed it, plastic bags.

This past week, Claudia, along with members of SSC and FtBS, stopped in at The Phoenix School in downtown Salem to discuss the idea with some of the area’s brightest young minds and workshop the art itself. The kids were quick to join in their thoughts and opinions, even teaching the adults a few things in the process.

Stay tuned for more details! This project will surely be making waves in the months to come.

Tidal Shift – A Salem Public Space Project Public Art Project

Tidal Shift – A Salem Public Space Project Public Art Project

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