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Collaborative, Virtual Learning with the Phoenix School

Salem’s The Phoenix School has been incorporating tech-inclusive, individualized learning into the fabric of what they’ve been doing since the very beginning. So it’s no wonder that when social distancing guidelines came into effect, they knew exactly what to do.

Starting last week, The Phoenix School switched to an online curriculum allowing students to learn virtually from home. This week, they’ve kicked it up a notch by having The Phoenix School students prepare and teach lessons of their own in addition to that curriculum.

“We really wanted to have our students showcase some of the things that they’ve been working on,” says Mistral Dodson in the video below, the first live stream video this week.

Just Dance

Come and join us virtually on Facebook Monday, March 30th at 9 am EST for fun dance instruction created and designed by one of our 4rd-grade students. Gordon will lead your kid(s) through an easy dance routine to get their bodies moving this Monday morning! We'd love to then see you create your own and teach us! Tag a friend whose kid(s) might want to do this activity virtually with your kid(s)! Then they can be connected with friends, challenge each other and share their dances!Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Posted by The Phoenix School, Salem, MA on Friday, March 27, 2020

This forward presenting FB Live daily webcast is just a small sample of what the school is doing for its students.

“We have recreated our daily sign board in a virtual space for the students,” explains Mistral. “And then we have an initial morning Zoom Meeting at 8AM.”

Throughout the day, the kids are given their choice of learning activities and will have regular check-ins with the teachers on their progress. The sixth-eighth graders will also have the opportunity to teach short classes to the younger students, to show their comprehension of the subject themselves.

“It provides the connection to the community of school with built-in collaborative projects while also allowing them to have that independence,” she added.

The unique part about this week is that not only do they get to share their progress with their fellow students and teachers, but a select few of them get to show their achievements off to everyone watching on Facebook too.

Stay tuned to Creative North Shore to find out more about what The Phoenix School is up to or follow them directly on Facebook.

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