PEM PM Artopia 2016 at the Peabody Essex Museum. Every month PEM has an after-hours themed party featuring local artists and artisans for a night of music, dancing, art making, and sampling that is unforgettable and it’s even free for Salem residents! This month’s theme was Artopia, their only consistent annual theme, which featured community artists, art projects, and collectives. There were samples from #notchbrewingcompany #privateerrum and #farfromthetree cider, music and hip hop by #djnoelsnow , @wreckshop101-blog ,and #krewedegroove among others as well as dance performances, public art, and even a GIF booth. A big thanks to @creative-salem for letting me tag along on their coat tails and everyone else who helps to promote the arts and make things like this happen.



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