FOLI:Rhythm of African Life


This spectacular celebration of African drum and dance is called “FOLI: Rhythm of African Life”. Part light show, part dance celebration, and part music extravaganza, this one-night-only, immersive experience creates a visceral depiction of African life through drum, dance and photography. 

Lights by Retonica
Imagery provided by Alison Williams Photography
Choreography and Production by Greg Coles

This is an original production directed and conceived by Gregory Coles and presented by CinemaSalem and Creative Salem. This is the world premiere of this exciting and unique immersive experience. 

During ceremonies and cultural rituals, Africans use rhythm and dance to celebrate individual and community arrival at or passage through a life stage. These stages (birth, growth, maturity, transition and transcendence) mark the progression of an African’s life from the birth of a person to the growth of an individual to the maturation of an adult to the selection of a family to a role in the community to a life remembered. 

The goal of African life is to live a life worthy of being remembered so that one’s name would be given to a newborn in the hopes of that child will take on your strengths and serve the community as well as you served. 

Revisiting this life cycle through ritual and ceremony focuses attention on the best in African life to serve the greater good. The community becomes stronger as the individual becomes stronger through the giving of a name. 

FOLI is translated RHYTHM. Africans believe that all of life has rhythm. That rhythm is perpetuated and strengthen one life at a time to another. 

Seating for this special live performance event is reserved: Best Seats (front nine rows) $25; Next Best Seats (back six rows) $20. There will be a cash bar that opens before the performance at 9:30pm.



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