History, Metal, And Madness: Local Author’s Debut Novel Has Something For Everyone

History, Metal, And Madness: Local Author’s Debut Novel Has Something For Everyone

Cover art by James T. Egan

Author Dan Le Fever to release his debut novel, The Ashen War, this year on September 27th. It is heavily influenced by the music of the Swedish metal band At The Gates and takes inspiration from speculative alternative history fiction and modern post-apocalyptic movies. This cinematic novel is the first of a planned trilogy.

England is on the brink of collapse. After a mysterious plague ravaged the world during the American Civil War, the Crown imposed decades of isolation. The King now turns once again to colonization. To save what little family he has left, James Barlow, an imprisoned resistance leader, is forced to join an expedition across the Atlantic to America. Waiting for them, however, is a scorched land ruled by a brutal cult. Hunted relentlessly, the expedition is split up, and James is captured. But the cult will soon learn that James is more than a mere prisoner. He is a born rebel.

THE ASHEN WAR is a raucous action-packed journey through a re-imagined America changed by an apocalyptic event during the country’s most fragile period that speculates what cultures, religions, languages, and societies might have emerged. Follow the adventure of smart-mouthed rebel James Barlow and the well-read but untested Liz Stillman, whose journeys will take them through ruined cities, crumbling mining towns, and the fiery, smoke-filled lands of a vicious cult as they try to come to terms with their past while saving what they can of the future.

Pre-orders will be going live soon through Massachusetts-based independent bookstore Copper Dog Books (

Dan Le Fever is a guy from Lynn, MA, who puts one word after another in the hopes that they make sense in the end. He is known for his short horror stories published by Fundead Publications and Eerie River Publishing. His latest work, Should Have, was featured on Dark Recesses Press’ website last December.

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