Horror Publisher FunDead Keeps it Scary All Year
by Susanna Baird


Want to see spooky at Halloween? Come to Salem. What if you crave the scary all year? Grab a copy of “Shadows in Salem,” a collection of 19 stories set in the Witch City, and the first in a series of horror anthologies from Salem-based FunDead Publications.
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Editor-in-Chief Amber Newberry told Creative Salem that while the collection’s contributing writers came from all over, they had to capture the real Salem to be included in “Shadows.” “We’ve joked that the anthology reads a little like a love-letter to the darker side of Salem, but without leaning too heavily on the obvious witch history.” Newberry said her favorites tend to be the stories with the best descriptions of local places.

“Salinda Tyson’s ‘The Changing Table’ has a young, panicked mother re-tracing her steps in Salem in October, with a near-perfect description of everything from the corn stalk decorations to the Witch’s Brew Café. ‘No Hopeful Verse,’ by Salem State graduate Patrick Cooper, glimpses life (and death) on Chestnut Street and a heavy pour from Major Magleashe’s. Kathleen Halecki’s ‘They Go to the Dead’ gives us a view of life in Salem for a young, mysteriously pregnant Puritan girl. Alec Firicano’s ‘A Shock of Feathers’ looks down on Pickering Wharf and Salem Willows from a literal bird’s eye view.”

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Newberry started FunDead as a jokey advice blog, as if Dear Abby were fielding queries from the undead. “Some of the articles were about telling your family you’ve contracted the zombie virus and coping with a werewolf husband who drinks from the toilet.” But after self-publishing her first novel, an historical gothic romance called “Walls of Ash,” she started fielding queries from other fledgling writers. She offered advice, but wanted to use FunDead as a vehicle to do more. She put out a call for submissions, and last month introduced “Shadows of Salem” to the reading public.

Shadows in SalemIn December, FunDead releases its second collection, “O Horrid Night: Chilling Holiday Tales for the Black-Hearted.” Amber and the FunDead team, which includes Editor Laurie Moran and Artists Mike Carey and Erica Wilson, have selected 20 stories “covering everything from Krampus to figgy pudding,” said Newberry. Next up? New Orleans! If you’ve got a spooky story to tell about the Big Easy, submissions are open through November 25.

“Shadows of Salem” can be purchased at Wicked Good Books in Salem, the Black Veil Studio of Tattoo and Art in Beverly, and online at fundeadpublications.com . “O Horrid Night” will be available on December 3. Grab both books and meet the crew at DARQ Salem’s Blaq Market at Koto on December 11, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. To submit a story for consideration for “Night in New Orleans: Bizarre Beats from the Big Easy,” visit fundeadpublications.com and click on “Accepting Submissions.”

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Meet the crew

Amber is the founder of FunDead Publications. A horror-obsessed fanatic, she is known for watching the worst of any gory B-movie franchise. Her love of all things grotesque brought her to the realization that FunDead needed to become a reality after she created a series of Undead Self-Help pamphlets designed for a councilor or doctor’s office. Continue Reading..

Laurie Moran is a lover of the macabre, quirky, and cute, and wishes it were Halloween every day. When she isn’t reading or editing Amber Newberry’s writing, she likes to make costumes, cupcakes, and tiny cemeteries. This chick edits for FUN! Seriously. Break out the straitjacket and men in white coats. Laurie lives in Lynn, Massachusetts, and works and plays in Salem, Massachusetts.

Mike Carey is a local poor, but not quite starving, artist. He also works at a bank and is an authority on the Friday the 13th films. Most of his free time is taken producing his online comic, Salem Uncommons (SalemUncommons.com also on FB) a comic about a boarding house for monsters and other various weirdos. Recently, Mike has added to his artistic repertoire, and began writing short stories to be featured in soon-to-be-released FunDead Publications anthologies, namely, Shadows in Salem.

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