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Abby Myette – Tradewinds Learning

In your words… Tell us about your organization, business, initiative.

Tradewinds Learning believes running a small business is hard and rewarding work. While our business demands much of us, we choose to prioritize: · leading with passion and determination · training dedicated employees · servicing loyal customers We are committed to our dreams, through the high and lows, and each of us affirms · I care for my customers and honor their loyalty · My employees are valued and respected · I work hard to make my dream and vision a reality · I am willing to try new things to achieve · I am navigating a business and a life I love · Assistance from others is key to my success · I support my fellow business owners and community · I surround myself with people who believe in my goals · My dreams grow and shift over time We are committed to growing a business with continued learning and development. We know this will bring success and joy to not only us, but our employees and community.

Tell us a bit about you and why you do what you do? Share your passions for your business, initiative, organization.

I believe that at the end of the day, delivering excellent customer service is easy. Supporting and encouraging your employees is easy, too. But as a busy business owner it may not always be your top priority to foster these areas. It is my goal to support local business owners by providing unique and engaging training programs to ensure their employees are delivering the best experience for customers and are enjoying their job along the way. I have over 20 years of experience working in a variety of customer service roles. I’ve seen the good and the bad. I have also spent the last 10 years delivering training and coaching experiences. A handbook or a PowerPoint won’t get the message across. I strive to create an interactive experience to educate and empower employees, one more piece in the toolkit to support thriving businesses.

What role do you think your business plays in supporting a more creative community? OR your community in general. (Bonus! Why do you think a more creative community is important?)

Creative training is just more fun. And if you’re having fun while learning it doesn’t feel like a chore. I love thinking of unique and fun ways to help employees learn product, policy, procedure, and skills. Forget the PowerPoint and the handbook, let’s play a game or get up and move around in an activity, do a little role play. I also find that when people are playing and interacting, they have better ideas. Some of the best ideas to improve a business come from the front line employees. Great ideas come when you put two business owners who at first glance have nothing in common. Through a shared activity they find common ground, growing the network of support and partnership. Creativity sparks progress and progress moves our community forward!

What was the last book you read that made an impact on you?

I recently read Be Our Guest. It shares some of the best tips in customer service delivery from the Walt Disney Company. There were so many concepts and ideas that can be applied to any business. I also read Drive by Daniel Pink. It’s all about what motivates people and gave me ideas on how to motivate employees. Ok, and Michelle Obama’s Becoming because she’s just fantastic! I know that’s more than one but I read a lot. 🙂

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you our your business?

Despite naming my business Tradewinds, a sailing term, I don’t sail. But I do love the ocean and all things nautical. I find the power of the trade winds inspiring and that is why I chose it. If you live in Salem and own a dog, look for me and my pup Quincy! That’s how I’ve already met so many business owners.



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