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Mural Team Vise1 and Julz Bring Color, Highlight Diversity in Cambridge – PHOTOS

Images by Hannah Bailey

This past fall, BioMed Realty in Cambridge selected Cedric “Vise1” Douglas (he/him) and Julia “Julz” Roth (she/her) to paint a vent shaft in off Kendall St in Kendall Square.

The recently revealed mural wraps around four sides of the vent shaft in an inconspicuous corner of the Canal District, adding a pop of color to a homogenized urban landscape, and representing diversity in a year where discussions about racism injustice are at the forefront of public conversation.

“It is not a secret that as a society, we are currently being challenged by a multitude of social injustices,” Cedric described.

“As public artists in a biracial partnership, we are sensitive to the importance of diversity and inclusion and its positive impact on society. In our work, it is critical for us to honor those underrepresented.”

“Our design is meant to highlight diversity in a subtle but intentional way through fragmented portraiture and colorful, vibrant abstract geometric shapes that connect the composition as well as the figures.

“We are all part of this collective consciousness, our stories are fractured but are unified through this shared human experience,” he added.

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