New Years Eve Launch and Launch Light It Up! (Links to Photo Booth pics below)

When Mayor Kim Driscoll reached out to Creative Salem to partner with Salem Main Streets and our good friend Kylie Sullivan to bring an all new late night NYE event we were honored and excited to create something truly Salem and truly AWESOME! Here is the friends and partners that came together and we thank EVERY single one of them with all the gratitude we can muster.. We HIGHLY suggest supporting all these people year round.

Thank you to Kim Driscoll for asking and trusting us to make this happen to your level of “wow” with an assist to Deborah Greel for making it SUPER easy to transform Old Town Hall! AND to the rest of the assets and assistance that the city providing ensuring a safe AND incredible event.

One of our favorite humans and one of the biggest unsung assets Salem has PERIOD! Kylie Sullivan of Salem Main Streets thank you for working with us on this and letting us add a little CS flair to your already awesome early event AND thank you for always just hopping in with both feet when we have a crazy set of ideas… And for being an incredible GO TO pretty much at all times. Also ALL the Salem Main Streets volunteers that usually come out in droves for Kylie!

Lighting ninja and all around awesome guy who pretty much makes whatever we can dream happen, Joey Nicotera of Retonica (AND HIS WHOLE TEAM)

Our partner and friend Andrew Buonfiglio of Figsburry Creative Group who designed all the graphics for the event AND happens to be the guitarist of the INCREDIBLE band that ROCKED the night Dandrew

One of our newer but still awesome partners Seth from Upsidemedia, LLC.. Seth got thrown into a VERY difficult room to engineer AND silent disco for hundreds of kids AND fill in DJ duty and he CRUSHED it!

Our friends at Bit Bar Salem for bringing the fun with a handful of classic cabinet video games!

The culinary innovators and our good friends at Bambolina for not only working with a budget BUT bringing the COOL (pun intended) factor by not only working their magic on site but incorporating a kitchen torch AND using liquid nitrogen in the process!

North Shore Bartenders for being RIDICULOUSLY accommodating with such a short turnaround.. They not only worked with us to make sure we included local products from Notch Brewing and Far From The Tree Craft Hard Cider but also made two speciality drinks and ran an extremely professional and efficient bar with a group of VERY thirsty New Year Eve revellers.

Our newest local late night cookie provider.. Thank you to Goodnight Fatty for bringing us over 300 cookies for the midnight countdown.. EVERY one of which was made with love and the guests really took notice!

Alyssa G. A. Conary and Ryan William Conary for rocking the ticketing booth.

Doneeca Thurston for throwing in a MAJOR assist to Jonah in the coatroom!

Linda Mullen from Grace & Diggs for not only coming up with most of the idea for the celebration ball we raised but also had the totally unique hat making for the adults AND to Tommy Gagnon from Boston Woodturning for constructing it!

To Phil Wyman for once again constructing a “thing” that allowed us to share our feelings as we transitioned into a new year.. Phil is another unsung hero that is constantly putting in work to make Salem a more open, welcoming and creative community.

To our team.. Thank you to Joey Phoenix and Kati Nalbandian for running with the CRAZY idea to do a light painting photo booth.. The results were SPECTACULAR!

Kate Babcock and Deanna Jacome for assists all over the place!

Historic Salem, Inc. for the last minute, but super engaging interactive event that was part of the early poriton of the event.

And last but certainly not least.. A new friend and partner we see coming into the fold more and more this year.. Silent Disco and mustache bar extraordinaire Elena Rodgers..
See you all at the masquerade ball (sold out) in late January.. Salem’s So Sweet in February AND stay tuned for some potential event news for February coming soon…

AND (shameless plug) Support Creative Salem and/or Salem Main Streets in addition to checking out all the awesome vendors above..


Creative Salem New Years Eve Photo Booth
Launch New Years Eve Salem
Creative Salem New Years Eve Photo Booth
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