PEM/PM – Moon Landing

Thursday, October 20, 2016
6-9 pm
Come celebrate the moon with a tantalizing night of lunar festivities. Listen in on discussions about the importance of the moon, hear from artists featuring in the new Art & Nature Center Exhibition ‘Lunar Attraction’ (opens 10/15) and interact with minerals found on the moon. From the race to make a base on the moon to cheese and werewolves, this lunar celebration is sure to be out of this world!

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Lunar Attraction
Located in the: Art & Nature Center
As Earth’s closest celestial body and only natural satellite, the moon has engaged our curiosity and imagination over millennia and across cultures. Contemporary artists use the moon as both a source of inspiration and investigation. Lunar Attraction features artworks and interactives that explore our longstanding fascination and connection with the moon, ranging from myths about the connection between werewolves and the full moon to the gravitational pull that controls Earth’s tides to the 21st-century international race to build a base on the moon.


Art Making | Studio 1, Create Space
Let gravity take control as you make your own pendulum painting as part of this year’s Big Draw celebration (while supplies last).

Celestial Cuisine | Atrium
Savor inventive yet classic dishes prepared by PEM’s Atrium Cafe. Offerings include Cow Jumped Over the Moon quesadillas (beef, brie, arugula and roasted red pepper), Harvest Moon Quiche with fall vegetables, Moon Pies and more ($7 to $10 per plate).

Literary Lunatics | Atrium
Salem’s Silver Moon Comics share popular classics and new series of graphic novels featuring werewolves, monsters and other creatures affected by the power of the moon.

Escape the Moon | Atrium
Try and solve this lunar-themed puzzle by building a volvelle with Phillips Library staff.

Moon Trivia | Atrium
Think you know a lot about the moon? Test your knowledge with our multiple-choice game. Supplies available at the PEM/PM welcome table.

Beer Tasting | Atrium
Take a break from the dance floor and sample Bent Water Brewing’s Thunder Funk and Lynn Light brews (while supplies last).

DJ | Atrium
PEM’s own Corbett Sparks — aka DJ Geeky C — transports the crowd to another galaxy with his space disco.

Cheese Tasting | Atrium
Have The Cheese Shop of Salem give you a little taste of the moon (while supplies last).

The Idea Engineer | Maker Lounge
Kimberly Aaronson, designer and Lunar Attraction exhibition artist, takes over the Maker Lounge to explore creative thinking. Design a flag for your lunar colony in the first session and then explore game design and the moon.

Stellar Karaoke | Atrium
Sing along to the greatest hits that feature the moon. Grab a friend or perform solo!p-9_a_volvella_of_the_moon-_a_volvella_is_a_moveable_device_for_working_out_the_position_of_the_sun_and_moon_in_the_zodiac

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