My fiance Joe and I have always had a special place in our hearts for the city of Salem. We have experienced no other place on the east coast as open-minded, creative and welcoming to those who follow the beat of a different drum. When we decided that we wanted to expand Bats in the Belfry Crafts’ reach, we knew exactly the community we wanted to share our creepily cute products with.

Being our first networking experience, we were not entirely sure what to expect from CS, and being nervous about joining as “out of towners” was an understatement. We were so relieved at how welcoming and friendly the group was and we now feel right at home as I’m sure any new member will!

This is a group of people that put their heads together and make great things happen. When they see a need, they fill it. Also, the exposure is great! Thanks to Creative Salem, our followers and profits have doubled within only three months, and we have made lots of new friends!

Creative Salem is a wonderfully supportive group that embodies the spirit of Salem that we have all come to know and love. I would definitely recommend joining for anyone hoping to expand their business and meet some amazing people!



When developing our company, Intramersive, we were faced with the issue of finding a way to describe our work in an emerging market unfamiliar to Salem, the North Shore, and even Boston. We immediately looked to Creative Salem for advice, and got far more than we had ever anticipated. When it came to marketing our first show, Daemonologie, Creative Salem worked tirelessly to help us get our show information out to potentially interested attendees. From attending our rehearsals to have photo shoots with our actors, to promoting us on websites, blogs, and social media to boost our credibility online – Creative Salem gave us the boost most new companies could only wish for.

Creative Salem has treated us with respect and support at every turn–Advocating for us with venues and within the community, the team at Creative Salem conveyed that we were professional and trustworthy and would deliver a unique creative experience. Creative Salem took an interest in us and helped us, gave us tips and provided us with mentorship as well as wholesome support that helped us get on our feet as an established company. We are thrilled to be growing and can’t wait to give back to Creative Salem for providing us with the community support that is essential to get a creative venture off the ground. We now aspire to succeed not just for ourselves, but so we can help other new companies through Creative Salem’s growing networks and communities.



Creative Salem has helped push my brand as a local artist in many ways. Some of the ways Creative Salem has helped me keep my brand relevant is through photography, social media marketing, special events, and networking with other artists and business. With the creation of Creative Collective, it will be easier to connect with and work with businesses and artists on collaborative projects from surrounding cities! The Creative Salem gang are dedicated driven, hardworking people that want to help the community grow by working with individual artists, small businesses, and large organizations.

Additionally, you can benefit from Creative Salem in other ways as a consumer by taking advantage of the Creative Salem Membership which gives you VIP access to special events as well as savings when you shop local!



“I am so appreciative of Creative Salem and all the opportunities they create for local artists like myself. Their team of inspiring individuals consistently thinks outside the box, and they do such an amazing job of fostering the art culture in the area. I’ve been a native of the North Shore all my life, and I can’t help but wonder what we did without Creative Salem all those years. The city has become a hot spot for creative culture, and we have the hard-working, talented people at Creative Salem to thank for much of that. So thanks, Creative Salem. Thank you for supporting art, for supporting music, for supporting the community of thinkers and dreamers and idealists here in Salem. You’re the best.”


Photographer, Writer, Creative, Videographer

“When I met John Andrews in October of 2014, we had both shown up to photograph the ribbon cutting of Wicked Good Books, most of my options were running dry. The contracts were ending, late fall was approaching and the Boston photography season was nearly over (yay northeastern winter!), and I couldn’t figure out what to do next.

The timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous.

You see, John has this absurd idea that artists who have taken the path towards becoming a creative professional deserved to be treated fairly. If their work has merit, then they deserve to be respected by the community and paid for their work.

Revolutionary, right?

It’s one thing having a mom who puts your childlike artwork on the fridge because she’s proud of your potential, it’s another thing entirely to have a community of like-minded individuals who value your abilities as an artist and strive to put you in places where your work can be valued for what it’s worth.


Alyssa Conary – Namesake historical society for Salem, cultural advocates

“As a historian starting up a new non-profit in the city, the help and support I’ve received from John & Creative Salem has been invaluable. I honestly believe that my organization wouldn’t be as far along as it is without a leg-up from Creative Salem. CS has also been a supporter of my freelance music career. Through them, I’ve been connected to people and places and booked actual paying gigs. CS is what creatives in the city have always needed but never had. It’s a whole new game now.”


Owner and Editor, writer – Amber Newburry

Creative Salem has been an essential ally to FunDead Publications. In 2016, FunDead was a brand-new, budding Salem publishing company with a very small, but loyal following. Creative Salem was key in shining a light on us to their many local, and not-so-local, followers. We were able to expand our audience by utilizing the Creative Salem social media platforms to reach new readers. Thanks to Creative Salem, we added hundreds of new followers to our own social media and saw exponential growth in our writing submission numbers.

John has also helped us network with like-minded locals who we’ve been able to partner with for events to help grow our readership, as well as our business. In fact, John was responsible for pairing us with Salem Horror, another excellent ally to our cause, who we plan to continue sharing events within the coming months and years. Creative Salem has put together several events that directly affected FunDead’s bottom line, helping to make our first year in business a success. Specifically, the German Christmas Market at Notch resulted in a number of new release sales to a broader group we might not have had the opportunity to reach through the holiday season. By creating ‘Word UP!’, a calendar of events specifically for writers and readers, Creative Salem has provided FunDead Publications with another place to find events to be involved in, as well as new customers to reach.


Diane Wolf

Professional, passionate problem solvers with a strong sense of community and social involvement.  Also, they are just cool peeps.

Timothy Donovan

Creative Salem is an amazing venue for promoting the local creative arts scene. John works tirelessly at this unending and sometimes thankless task. Without his efforts, the creative arts scene would not be nearly so prolific.

Laurie Moran

Creative Salem beats to the pulse of the arts on the North Shore. They support and promote the creative community and small businesses, host amazing events, and should be your go-to resource to find out about amazing things happening locally.

Jeff Cohen

Creative Salem has been a huge benefit in many ways…

They are great at making us aware of all the cool goings on in Salem.  They also have excellent programs that we constantly take advantage of, getting discounts at our favorite eateries and entertainment venus.  They also catalog so much of what’s Salem and capture the spirit and energy of the City and people.

Thanks Creative Salem!

Bonnie Smith

John is a delight to work with. Quick grasp of the situation. Knows what to do. Easy going. Good-natured. Funny. Quick follow-up/turnaround. He also REALLY knows Salem. Who is who. What shots are important, etc. No matter who is running around taking pictures at any given event, John’s are invariably the best and most-used. If John is on the job, I don’t worry. As an event planner, that’s pretty important!

Alyssa Conary

Creative Salem provides valuable services to our city. By connecting creatives and facilitating creative projects, CS has imbued Salem with a vibrancy and energy that is unique to our community. As a jazz vocalist, I have booked paying gigs due solely to my connection with the Creative Salem network. As the co-founder of a non-profit historical organization, CS has provided me with marketing services and helped to spread the word about our mission. In a national political climate in which the importance of the arts and the humanities is belittled or denied, Creative Salem’s services ensure that Salem maintains a creative economy that is absolutely essential to the health and well-being of our community.

Lisa Peterson

We are so fortunate here in Salem to have Creative Salem working so hard to make our city vibrant, beautiful and fun!  Whether they are creating and running a cool masquerade ball or interesting festival; bringing attention to all corners of the arts scene around town; photographing an event so strikingly; or thinking outside of the box to help push our city forward in a unique, inclusive way – they are a treasure here in Salem!  They are my own first stop whenever I need to think about a challenge in a new way and I highly recommend them!

Erin Cyr

People come to Salem from all over the world to see the great show of an amazing mix of culture, art, history, and wonderful people. If Salem is the circus then Creative Salem is the ringmaster. Creative Salem is a touchstone for those who want to know what’s shaking in Salem whether is be a classic tradition, a new hot music spot, or a festival full of fun for the whole family. And when Creative Salem throws a party it is an unbelievably well planned and glorious thing! The recent Venetian masquerade ball at the Hawthorne Hotel started off as a a crazy idea from the genius behind Creative Salem and ended as one of the most beautiful evenings I have ever had the honor of being a part of. Creative Salem links up all the best parts of this city so that the residents can revel in this gorgeous place, but also knows exactly how to share all that excitement with the rest of the world through ingenious marketing that’s clever, fun, and approachable.

Sue Grillo

Fantastic resource in support of the arts and for information regarding happenings in and around Salem Thanks for all you do!

Kim Ayers

Creative Salem keeps me updated on all the great things that our city is and does!

Gigi Gill

He is doing a great job with all of it. Thanks again Gigi.

Erin Lee

Fantastic!!!!! Amazing events! They never cease to amaze!

Joe Cook

Great company and great relations to local businesses.

Heather Lyons-Paul

My favorite site to checkout what’s going on in Salem.

Sarah Thomas

Creative Salem is amazing! They do a fantastic job documenting all the happenings around Salem and the North Shore and always bring amazing events and opportunities.

Tia Cole 

Amazing company to work for and with. Having been on both sides of the marketing campaigns I  can attest the the 110% John puts into everything he does with Creative Salem. He helped my small company grow larger than I imagined. As for his vision for the City of Salem? Well, he always goes big, masquerade balls, festivals, drive-ins everything is always done to the max and his network of creative minds is a recipe for success.

Jen Ratliff

Creative Salem has been a uniting force in the community since its inception. The group is responsible for supporting, organizing, advertising, and covering many of the city’s creative initiatives. Creative Salem has brought an outdoor movie pop-up to a neglected Coast Guard hangar, transformed downtown in a bustling art district, and been a driving force in Salem’s music scene. They have undoubtedly made Salem into an even more exciting place to live, work. and play. I can’t imagine Salem without them and I can’t wait to see how they revolutionize the North Shore.

Alyssa Gillis

Creative Salem is the best! I get to see so much more of the art and culture that Salem has to offer because of their amazing coverage, from letting us know what is happening to covering it with pics, video and stories. Salem is so lucky to have such a wonderful team to foster the arts in this way! �

Dan Donato

I honestly thought I had left a review for Creative Salem a couple of years ago. I’ve been remiss in my obligation to point out how much I think John and his team contribute to the culture all over the North Shore. CS brings art of every kind to my community and I place a very high value on that. This is an organization worth supporting in whatever way you can.

Sarah Thomas 

John Andrews and the crew at Creative Salem work their tails off bringing exciting cultural opportunities to the North Shore and documenting our vibrant art scene. They make S

Toni Visone

Creative Salem and collectively their staff has been so helpful in promoting and helping me grow my business. Everyone on their team is so passionate and committed to what they do. Thank you CS!

Rebecca Hains

Every Creative Salem event we have attended has been a pleasure. We are grateful for the positive energy and the range of activities CS brings to the community.

Jessica Coulombe Kane

I was first introduced to Creative Salem at the first annual Masquerade Ball. I love how Creative Salem works so hard to promote the arts in the North Shore, by providing creative events and adventures for residents. It’s a win-win!!! Thank you, Creative Salem!

Dustin Luca

John and his staff do an incredible job putting an artistic spotlight on the arts that drive the city… which you’d think would be no easy task.

Kristina Spinney

You guys honestly make me jealous I don’t live in Salem anymore… there’s so many cool things going on now, I keep coming back to visit all the time!

Lauren E. Goldman

We had a wonderful time at “Raiders of The Lost Ark” at Winter Island. Can’t wait for next summer! The laser show was great too! Keep up the great work!!!

Denise Snape

Creative Salem plays such a crucial part in building Salem’s small business and arts community. John takes the most beautiful pictures and captures the spirit of all things Salem.

Chely Vergara

Creative Salem makes me so glad I live in this town. Their community events are always a blast!

Brian Sims

Creative Salem is AWESOME! This is where I get all my event information. This guy LOVES Salem and it shows in all his work…. absolutely an awesome photographer and creative person! Thank you for all you do!

Dave Bowie

A great place to keep in the know about events and happenings in Salem! An awesome eye behind that camera to capture the daily flavor of the area.

Heather Jean

My absolute favorite spot to find out all the best happenings in Salem. And whenever I hear that Creative Salem is sponsoring an events, I know it’s going to be awesome. You guys are amazing – thank you for all you do!

Beth Crowley

He really is simply the best…his work captures the magic of Salem in a way that no one else can. His photography is eye-catching, vibrant and captures moments that become timeless.

Michael Leslie

The heartbeat of the cultural scene in our not so little town.

Molly Pinto Madigan

I am so appreciative of Creative Salem and all the opportunities they create for local artists like myself. Their team of inspiring individuals consistently thinks outside the box, and they do such an amazing job of fostering the art culture in the area. I’ve been a native of the North Shore all my life, and I can’t help but wonder what we did without Creative Salem all those years. The city has become a hot spot for creative culture, and we have the hard-working, talented people at Creative Salem to thank for much of that. So thanks, Creative Salem. Thank you for supporting art, for supporting music, for supporting the community of thinkers and dreamers and idealists here in Salem. You’re the best.

Lara Gordon

Creative Salem helped my company, Dreamland Silent Disco, get the word out about our event at Bit Bar. Thanks guys!

Elise Turcketta

Creative Salem plays a major part in the Salem arts scene. Planning and covering the best events in Salem and including artists from all over the spectrum to ensure that their events are top notch. John Andrewscan be spotted at any Creative Salem events capturing the magic and helping to promote local artists. Keep it up guys. You are doing great at that whole being awesome thing ♡

Cynthia Liska

Creative Salem did an AMAZING job with the Masquerade Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel (1/30/2016). Everything was perfect and I do mean everything. Well organized, beautiful decorated, not too overcrowded, excellent music and entertainment, great desserts, awesome photo booth. I really could go on forever! Thank you so much for the best party I’ve ever attended and for making my first trip to Salem absolutely fabulous!! I can’t wait to come down again!

Drew Shapiro

Creative Salem did a fantastic job capturing the implementation of a public art project for the City of Salem. John and his team delved into all aspects of this artistic crosswalk painting project by taking amazing photos of all involved (the artist, community, and the pieces), posting updates to multiple social media platforms, and writing an extensive blog post. This project would not have been nearly as successful without Creative Salem’s involvement.

Carrie Francis Cabot

Creative Salem is an incredible way to stay up to date with all that is happening in our fair city. Be it art of any kind – photos, music, movement, pop up galleries, events, etc.- it’s all here. What did we do before you? Thank you, Creative Salem team!!

Heather Famico

In the last year Creative Salem has effectively and efficiently worked toward filling a void in the Salem Community. By working with businesses, local residents, and visitors, Creative Salem has blended information about events, festivals, theatre, photography, news, restaurant reviews, blogs, galleries (and more!) in Salem and its surrounding communities. Its collaborative nature has spurred excitement and has introduced new events and happenings to the area. Well done!

Alicia Mascolo Diozzi

Love Creative Salem. Have you got your membership yet? Worth it!!!

Christopher Sicuranza

From local events, to the people shaping them, Creative Salem has become central to the pulse of the city (and throughout the Greater Boston area). With featured artists, content and venues all in one stop, this is quickly becoming the go to site for all in the North Shore looking for things to do and discovering what’s next!

Meghan Tucker

Salem is so lucky to have this team of creative professionals making our city vibrant and fun for all ages. New Year’s Eve was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and I look forward to seeing what else Creative Salem brings in 2017!

Larry Claflin

John and the Creative Salem team are so dedicated to supporting the arts and keeping Salem’s creative machine moving forward. We’re very lucky to have this organization in Salem. Support and spread the word about CS!

Will Spreadbury

I’m a nerdcore rapper; not exactly mainstream music by any stretch of the imagination. Creative Salem was willing to take a chance with a subgenre of entertainment that not everyone has heard of, and for that, I am immensely grateful. Definitely looking forward to working with them again and maybe doing more Nerd Nights!

Erik McCarthy

Love this, great way to stay connected to all of the amazing that Salem has to offer!!!

Melissa Ashley

Love you guys!!! I enjoyed the drive in movie both times