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“Reasonably Well” Joins Creativity and Wellness

Final Episode to Air Wednesday, May 27th @ 11AM

by Joey Phoenix

Kati Nalbandian has spent years wandering crossroads of creativity and wellness. For this community-minded social media queen, how we talk about what we create, the spaces we create in, and how we care for ourselves is all part of the same conversation.

“I have always believed that creativity and wellness go hand in hand on both a micro and macro level,” Kati said. “People individually can enhance their wellness with creativity (or their creativity with wellness) and society on a larger has been proven to do the same.”

In early May she started a 6 part web-series called “Reasonably Well” on Creative Collective’s Live Stream Channels, hosting guests from her network who she felt would have something to say about creativity and self-care in the current environment. Guests on the show have included public art maven Claudia Paraschiv of Studioful Design, Tayla D’Avolio of SoulSparks Haven, and Jessica Lynn Furtado of All You Need is Pug and current Artist in Residence at The Switchboard in Haverhill, MA.

“Creativity is the core of humanity, so I knew I could start these conversations with those in my existing network and share their perspectives,” she said. “The process has been wonderful as I enjoy connecting people and ideas.”

And she does it so well.

You can watch previous episodes below, but make sure to tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27 @ 11:00 AM to catch the final episode with Brett Mason.

Reasonably Well – Ep. 5 – Jenn Nakhai
Streamed May 20

Reasonably Well – Ep. 4 – Claudia Paraschiv
Streamed May 13

Reasonably Well – Ep. 3 – Tayla D’avolio
Streamed May 6

Reasonably Well – Ep. 2 – Joey Phoenix
Streamed April 29

Reasonably Well – Ep. 1 – Jessica Furtado
Streamed April 22

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