As a photographer, I constantly strive to challenge myself to continue growing as an artist. When I create my own project, it is derived from my personal passions and what I find inspiring. That is how my “Dance//Salem” project came to life. It is thrilling/exciting to immerse myself in a project/idea that is unconstrained by outside demands. While I deeply love my commissioned work and feel fortunate to be allowed into people’s lives capturing the moments they will treasure, personal projects expand and re-energize my creative energy.

Salem Willows Dance
Salem Willows
Sarah Jennie Photography

Salem has been my home for twelve years. My relationship with our city has continued to evolve and deepen, particularly in my new chapter of parenting. I am experiencing parts of Salem that had previously been unknown to me as I explore the city with my kids, through their eyes. Together we participate in local events and discover our parks, beaches, and playgrounds. The photographer in me yearned to capture the beauty and uniqueness of our city. And the portraitist in me wanted to find away to integrate the individual within the environment.

El Punto Urban Art Museum Salem Willows Dance/Salem Sarah Jennie Photography
El Punto Urban Art Museum
Sarah Jennie Photography

As a child, I took dance lessons for many years. Although my own dance skills were limited, I have always been inspired by and drawn to the beauty and strength of dancers; capturing their leaps and their beautiful movement/and poses in my mind and imagining how I could capture it on film. My “Dance//Salem” project was born out of these combined interests: street photography, dance, Salem, community. It has allowed me to showcase the beauty and strength of dance as well as the beauty, strength, and uniqueness of our city. Through this project, I have had the opportunity to explore our city in new ways with new eyes, as well as honing my skills of capturing movement and strength.

Winter Island Dance
Winter Island
Sarah Jennie Photography

Perhaps the best part of this project has been meeting the incredible dancers who participate in it and with each session, I learn more about our city, dance, and photography. I have had a blast working on this project and I plan to continue with it through all four seasons here in Salem. Next up in the next few weeks is the house of seven gables and the derby wharf area. It would be a dream to create a show with my work at a gallery/studio in Salem. And if you are a local dancer…

I’d love to include you in my work!

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