Salem, Massachusetts Photo Workshop

Four hours of instruction and fun on location!

The last workshop sold out, so book soon.

Saturday June 11th, 201610-2pm$75


Salem may be most widely known as the site of the 1692 witchcraft trials, but this colorful coastal city has much to offer photographers: a rich maritime heritage, an impressive display of grand historic architecture, the “Friendship”, a reconstruction of a 171-foot three-masted tall ship, and much more.

We will meet in the historic Hawthorne Hotel lobby next to the Salem Common and then begin our walk along the brick pedestrian walkway to the old town hall, and explore many scenic areas with great potential for creative images.

During the walk, Kathy will offer valuable individual feedback on your photos, and answer any technical questions you may have to help you learn the features of your camera. Any camera brand is welcome, but please bring your instruction manual. We will discuss creative use of depth of field and how to achieve it, getting the proper exposure, using exposure compensation to quickly over ride your camera’s meter when necessary.

The class will be limited to 9 students keeping the instructor to student ratio low so make sure you get on board early. Bring your questions!

As in all classes topics may include: aperture, shutter speed, proper exposure, exposure compensation, focus, metering, point of view, composition, light.






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