XYZT: A Journey in 4 Dimensions

Words: Sarah Rydgen    Pics: John Andrews

An incredible exhibit exploring the X Y Z and Time dimensions imagined by the French digital artists, Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne has come to the Peabody Essex Museum. The gallery is dark and has 10 immersive installations that stimulate the senses and are inspired by nature and programmed with math and physics. Imagine a light show you can play with, that is controlled by your movements, touch and your breath. One installation mimics crossing a river, another blowing sand, and another is based on the mathematics of the movement of a flock of starlings that mirrors your body and your movements paired with sound. Each exhibit has information with it that ties what you are seeing with the inspiration and reasoning behind it. The grand finale is a darkened room with a cube you can enter, with different shapes being projected on all four walls paired with a specific sound, which is overwhelmingly intricate and beautiful at the same time. This exhibit is a must see!

Full set here | XYZT: A Journey in 4 Dimensions

XYZT is an immersive art exhibition comprised of 10 interactive virtual environments generated using math and physics models. In a darkened gallery, guests...