Salem Film Fest celebrated its 10th year with an outstanding year of documentaries and special events in what has become one of the area’s most coveted all-documentary film festival. From real blues in the deep South to the First lady of Costa Rica and stops in dozens of countries along the way Salem Film Fest took thousands of people on journeys around the world.

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Some highlight stories from the festival.

Salem Film Fest at 10! from Van Ness Creative on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Daniel Cross, director of I AM THE BLUES

Daniel Cross is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, producer, and social justice activist. He is the co-founder of the Montreal-based cinema production company EyeSteelFilm and is also the founder of Homeless Nation, a non-profit online-based organization that aims to build and strengthen homeless communities across Canada by spreading awareness on homelessness and helping homeless populations transition off the street.

I AM THE BLUES: A Look into the Lives of the Last Blues Legends

The pungent odor of boiling crawdads mixes in the air with the aroma of cigarette smoke. The hazy, blistering sun encourages drops of sweat to trickle down the back. Cold Bud Light soothes the aching thirst that accompanies an afternoon of raspy singing.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Catching up with SFF Alum Jay Cheel

Jay Cheels’ film BEAUTY DAY was shown at SFF 2013 and this year he returns to Salem Film Fest with HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE. SFF program director Jeff Schmidt caught up with the Canadian based filmmaker to talk about his work as a documentary filmmaker.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Estephan Wagner LES SAUTEURS (THOSE WHO JUMP)

Salem Film Fest program director Jeff Schmidt caught up with Estephan Wagner, one of the co-directors of the film and the editor. We very quickly realized that there are many films out there about refugees and also at this very place there have been films before, so we were wondering what we could add to the theme, to the place and even more so to filmmaking by doing this film.

Fighting for Freedom of Speech: DATELINE-SAIGON

“But I mean, they’re impossible, aren’t they?” asks John. F Kennedy inquisitively about the press reporting news from the war in Vietnam. “Terribly difficult. Halberstam and Sheehan are the ones that are just causing a lot of trouble.

WRESTLING ALLIGATORS: More from director Andrew Shea

Now that WRESTLING ALLIGATORS has screened, here is the rest of of my conversation with Andrew Shea, as promised. Here he discusses an upcoming project, a recent development in the Seminole tribe’s efforts to reach an agreement with the state of Florida, as well as the origin of the film’s excellent title.

American Cinematographer announces Cinematography Award

Stephen Pizzello, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of American Cinematographer, has once again served as the jury for the American Cinematographer Award for Cinematography at Salem Film Fest. Below is his statement regarding this year’s nominees and the winner. All of this year’s documentary contenders for Best Cinematography offer compelling visual interest and reflect excellent work by the projects’ directors of photography and additional camerapeople.

Finding Peace with THE PEACEMAKER

“Apostle-like immigrant” “martyr” “workaholic” Padraig O’Malley was called many things; however, one thing that everyone agreed upon was that he was a peacemaker. Patience, persistence, empathy, and occasionally using “the Irish card” aid the tall, bearded man from Dublin to do what he does best: negotiate.

Meet the organizer-a conversation with selection committee member Debra Longo

By far, the best part of being an organizer of the Salem Film Fest is all of the wonderful people who do the work with you. I have personally made connections with people who I would never have had a chance to meet and work with if not for this festival.

Salem Film Fest celebrates its 10th anniversary – The Boston Globe

In only 10 years, the Salem Film Fest has established itself as one of the best curated documentary events on the New England film calendar. This year’s event, running March 2-9 at PEM Morse Auditorium and CinemaSalem, offers a juried selection of 35 features and 40 shorts, among which are several North American, US, and local premieres.

See the world: Film fest celebrates 10 years of showcasing international documentaries

“America first” may be a popular slogan in politics right now, but at Salem Film Fest, the motto has always been “Come to Salem, See the World.” Now in its 10th year, the documentary-only film festival makes a point of screening films from other countries, in keeping with Salem’s history as a trading port with global reach.

After Decades Blending Storytelling And Journalism, ‘Frontline’ Creator To Receive Salem Film Fest Award

When it comes to broadcast documentary series, ” Frontline” has no peer. The same could, and frequently has been said, of the man behind the longest running series of its kind – David Fanning. Fanning is the founder and executive producer at large of the stalwart PBS program, produced at WGBH since 1983.

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