Painted Planet Perspective: A View from the Creative Atmosphere – Painted Planet Licensing Group

Talented illustrator and surface pattern designer Emily Dumas is the most recent addition to the Painted Planet family, having signed on to the team just last month. Emily’s experience as an…

30 of the Most Important Photoshop Features and How to Use Them

Nate Dodson over at TutVid just put together one of the most comprehensive overviews of Photoshop’s key tools and features we’ve ever seen. 30 different tools or features you should definitely know about, each covered under two minutes. This one is worth a bookmark.

New Express Yourself public art unveiled at the Cummings Center – Express Yourself

“Express Yourself is changing the face of Cummings Center through youth art,” said Bill Cummings, founder of Cummings Properties. Look around the building at The Cummings Center 100 building and see another new piece of public artwork in Beverly, MA – three large panels located on the building’s exterior feature artwork created by Express Yourself kids.

National Endowment for the Arts to Award More Than $30 Million for Arts Projects Nationwide

Washington, DC -For its first major grant funding round of fiscal year 2017, the National Endowment for the Arts announced more than $30 million will be awarded to nonprofit organizations and individuals across the country for grants in the areas of Art Works, Art Works: Creativity Connects, Challenge America, and Creative Writing Fellowships.

7 Paths to Development That Bring Neighborhoods Wealth, Not Gentrification

In cities across the nation, a few enjoy rising affluence while many struggle to get by. An August 2015 study by The Century Foundation reported that-after a dramatic decline in concentrated poverty between 1990 and 2000-poverty has since reconcentrated. Nationwide, the number of people living in high-poverty ghettos and slums has nearly doubled since 2000.

The 30 Best Selling Photos on EyeEm in 2016

Since 2015, the global photo sharing service EyeEm has allowed photographers in its community to offer their photos for sale through EyeEm Market and its partnership with Getty Images. Of all the photos that sold this year, here’s a look at the most purchased.

Street Artist Roadsworth Uses Public Streets as a Canvas for Art and Activism

One might not think that parking lots, crosswalks, and other broad asphalt expanses would be particularly amenable to artwork, but for Montreaal-based artist and activist Roadsworth (aka Peter Gibson, previously) every white or yellow traffic paint stripe is a new opportunity. Although his work on t

Podcast: The Power Of Calling Your Own Bluff (with Julien Smith) – Accidental Creative

Julien Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Breather, a company that allows anyone to book beautiful, private, professional spaces whenever they need them. However, it’s an idea that almost didn’t happen.

A “Secret” Symposium

Even though the secret is out about the Dining Room Chamber the crew who worked on the project wants to share their findings with our supporters! Join us to meet the people who worked to complete the construction phase of the project and to learn about our plans for the room as The Gables prepares to celebrate its 350 th anniversary in 2018.

Luther, the Great Disruptor

Was it just me or was the word disruption used intensively in the closing months of 2016? It seems like every time I turned on the radio or picked up the newspaper I was confronted with that word. Now that the year has turned to 2017, my attention has definitely turned to the ultimate change agent, Martin Luther,…

Time to Thank Volunteers

Understandably, we’ve taken a little break. It’s been a busy last few months in Salem Ma. Halloween season was filled with creatures and creativity. That was followed by the Winter Holiday season, culminating with our double New Year’s Eve party extravaganza of LAUNCH and LAUNCH… Light It Up!

PEMcast 009: The Winter Caretaker

This is a short bonus episode before we say goodbye to 2016. It’s an outtake from an episode I was developing in response to our big summer impressionist painting exhibition about Childe Hassam and the Isles of Shoals. It involved me trekking out to the islands and exploring Hassam’s favorite painting spots and interviewing people who work there.


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