Once Upon a Time – Photos by Joey Phoenix Photography

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[cs_content][cs_element_section _id=”1″][cs_element_row _id=”2″][cs_element_column _id=”3″][cs_text _order=”0″] ONCE UPON A TIME Words and images by Joey Phoenix Photography “IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BE INTELLIGENT, READ THEM FAIRY TALES. IF YOU WANT THEM TO BE MORE INTELLIGENT, READ THEM MORE FAIRY TALES.”- ALBERT EINSTEIN  There are so many things that children do regularly that most adults [….]


Images in America: House of the Seven Gables Book Release

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[cs_content][cs_section parallax=”false” separator_top_type=”none” separator_top_height=”50px” separator_top_angle_point=”50″ separator_bottom_type=”none” separator_bottom_height=”50px” separator_bottom_angle_point=”50″ style=”margin: 0px;padding: 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px;”][cs_text]The House of the Seven Gables museum was packed to the brim this past Monday with those intrigued by Salem’s fascinating history. The audience included students who had taken classes in Emmerton’s [….]

Phillips house car show joey phoenix

Salem Photos – Sixteenth Annual Phillips House Car Meet

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Historic New England, the North Shore Old Car Club, and Fusion Blue Music joined together for the Sixteenth Annual Phillips House Car Meet, where vintage and antique vehicles are displayed on historic Chestnut Street. Visitors viewed the Phillips family’s collection of carriages, two Pierce-Arrows, and a Model A Ford. The house was open for tours, and refreshments and entertainment was provided by by King Carubia’s Hot Society Band!

Bowl of Ramen Kokeshi Salem MA

Local Artists Blend Chaos with Zen in Kokeshi

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[cs_content][cs_section parallax=”false” style=”margin: 0px;padding: 0 0px 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ class=”cs-ta-center” style=”padding: 0px;”][cs_text]By Joey Phoenix When restaurateurs Tim Haigh and Larry Leibowitz begin a new project, they don’t go about it all willy-nilly. Kokeshi Salem is just about to introduce it’s brand of Ramen to the North [….]

Tidal Shift: Redirecting the Current of Public Space

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By Joey Phoenix Third Places are at the forefront of our communities. They are integral to the culture, the life, the ebb and flow of our cities. Yet, they’re often underutilized and taken for granted. That is, unless they have advocates. In Ernest Hemingway’s short story “A Clean Well-Lighted Space,” two waiters argue over whether [….]

Rent Star Adam Pascal to Inspire Young Actors at Salem Y

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By Joey Phoenix Adam Pascal, known for playing Roger in both the stage production and movie adaptation of the acclaimed rock musical Rent is making a special stop in Salem this Monday January 23 to teach an auditioning master class geared towards kids — and Salem is delighted to have him. The workshop is part [….]

House of Seven Gables Creative Salem

Photo Gallery – New England Holidays at the House of Seven Gables by Joey Phoenix

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The House of the Seven Gables was built by a Salem sea captain and merchant named John Turner in 1668 and occupied by three generations of the Turner family before being sold to Captain Samuel Ingersoll in 1782. An active captain during the Great Age of Sail, Ingersoll died at sea leaving the property to [….]

Phoenix school Salem Tidal Shift Creative Salem

An introduction to Tidal Shift.. A Salem Public Space Project

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Making Waste Worthwhile with Salem Public Space Project By Joey Phoenix Pictures by John Andrews Photography for Creative Salem  We’ve all been there, stuck in traffic on a busy street, when suddenly a something slightly grey and otherworldly slips into your field of vision. Once your eyes focus you see it clearly for what it [….]

Art Speak Salem

Photo Gallery – Walk with ME by Art Speak Salem – Photos by Joey Phoenix

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This year ArtSpeak partnered with the 5th wall Immersive Theatre Company and many other local artists and musicians to create “Walk with Me” – an evening celebrating liberation and debunking some myths about human trafficking; namely: 1) It happens elsewhere. 2) It happens to other people. 3) Liberation means pop the champagne! Actually, no. This [….]

Salem Pet Photo visits Nevins Farm

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SALEM PET PHOTO Joey Phoenix is a 25 year old Salem, MA-based pet photographer and certified animal lover. She co-owns seven guinea pigs, who are properly celebrated over at www.thewheekly.com. To find out more about Joey’s other projects, check out www.joeyphoenix.com Pet photography has always been a favorite of mine, simply because I love animals [….]

By Anvil and Spark: Hephaestus, God of the Forge

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It’s been one hell of a week. So much of a week that my brain locked up and I couldn’t write this blog, this blog which would tell the story of community and collaboration, of artists working together to do what we do best: Make Art. My motivation to share this with you got choked [….]

Loneliness and Creativity: Embracing Silence, Finding Community

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); By Joey Phoenix Images by Timothy Donovan Photography unless otherwise marked  “The impulse to create begins — often terribly and fearfully — in a tunnel of silence.” – Adrienne Rich Why is it that creative people often have such intimate relationships with feelings of isolation and loneliness? It’s probably because [….]