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PastryCast with Josh and Alyssa Ep.9

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n this episode: Josh and Alyssa have recovered from the December plagues, they talk about retail marijuana (and Josh’s inability to operate machinery), the horror that is the “Witch City Mall”, Catgate, and how our cats simply let us live because killing us would be too much work.

PastryCast Ep. 7 – History, Salem, Lobsters and Pastry! OH MY!

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History, Salem, Lobsters and Pastry!

Josh and Alyssa discuss the founding of the internet and the future of the internet in Salem.. The status of the Phillips Library and it’s collection and topics concerning the Salem Historical Society. Josh discusses his thoughts on hash browns. What critters will Alyssa eat?

Creative Salem Podcast 004 – Josh Turiel

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Creative Salem podcast is your local source for information on local creative news and cool happenings. Looking for things to do in Salem? Look no further than our events calendar. Want to learn more about the awesome creative scene including interviews with local creatives, event/happenings, coverage, and information visit [….]