Riveting Broads Podcast – With Kristen Morrell

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In the studio this week, Jacqui and Molly are joined by Kristen Morrell, registered dietician, nutritionist, and expert in functional medicine, to explore the polarizing arguments surrounding government-mandated vaccinations for children, associated public health risks, functional medicine, holistic health and the trials and tribulations of speaking up at the risk of controversy.

Creative Collective Podcast with Jacqui Richard

Creative Collective Podcast – Jacqui Richard

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On this episode of the Creative Collective Podcast, we sat down with Jacqui Richard. Jacqui is the founder of the NextGen Network and also is part of the team at Phil Richard Insurance. On this episode of the podcast, Jacqui and John chat about the Creative Economy, Peabody TV, Upcoming events, collaborations and more! This [….]

Pastrycast Episode 8 – D’orsi’s Bakery and the new Creative Collective offices

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In this episode recorded back in the early summer, Josh and Alyssa talk about D’Orsi’s bakery, the new Creative Collective offices, Peabody’s downtown, the lack of diversity in Bar Harbor, Maine, preservation, and how Samuel McIntyre was a subdivision developer at heart

Alyssa cops to her new addiction to Front Street Coffeehouse, and there’s more Phillips Library talk (you thought they were done, didn’t you?).

Plus Josh admits to knowing way too much about the history of the MBTA’s compatibility issues. And they even talk about weed! With special technical glitches in the recording!

Historycast ep 4 Fundead Publications

HistoryCast with Robyn and Melissa: Ep.4 -Fundead Publications

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Robyn from Creative Salem/Collective and Melissa from Now Age Travel take a fresh approach to women’s history in Salem. More than a city of witches, Salem has always had a history of bold women shaping the area for famous, infamous, and lesser-known happenings.

Now Age Podcast Salem

Creative Salem HistoryCast Ep.2 – Now Age Travel and Healing – Spiritualism in Salem

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In this episode, Robyn interviews Melissa Nierman, Founder of NOW Age Travel in Salem. Melissa leads NOW Age Walking Tours: Ghosts of Buildings Past, History of Spiritualism, and Witches: 1692-Today.

Creative Salem PastryCast A&J King Artisan Bakers

Pastrycast ep.5 – A&J King Artisan Bakers

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On this episode of the pastrycast Alyssa (Salem Historical Society) and Josh (JH Turiel IT and Salem City Councillor) Interview Andy and Jackie King from A&J King Artisan Bakers. Jackie and Andy King met at the New England Culinary Institute, after which they moved to Portland, ME to pursue their careers in baking. After training [….]

Life After Midnight Podcast Creative Salem

“Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style” Q & A: Kristin Harris and Allison French

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Q & A: Kristin Harris and Allison French on their podcast, “Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style” By Amber Newberry In the shadowed corners of Salem, the local podcasters are whispering in the dark. As the creative community takes to the microphone, they fill our ears with unique talk-shows, old-school style radio-theater, discussion of [….]

Creative Salem Podcast Ep.25 – Kate Babcock – Hunter Creative Labs

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On this episode of the Creative Salem Podcast, we have Creative Salem partner and Alumni Kate Babcock. Kate is the director of Operations at Hunter Creative Labs and their organization which coins itself a double impact innovation lab and truly believe in the message to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In [….]

Creative Salem Podcast #23 – Dustin Luca – Salem News

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On this episode of the Creative Salem podcast we talk to Dustin Luca. Dustin is a writer for the Salem News. In the episode we chat about what being a reporter is like, we touch on Dustin’s favorite and most challenging stories and learn more about this rockstar local reporter. SHOW NOTES – Click through [….]

Salem Podcast Creative Salem Pastry

PastryCast with Josh and Alyssa – Special Pączki edition

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On this episode of PastryCast we feature that special Coffee Time treat… the Paczki!!  and we meet Coffee Time Owner Robert Liani, the past and future of the Bridge Street Neck, Salem Festivals and which ones the hosts love AND discussion on the current restaurant boom. Via Wikipedia Pączki (/ˈpɔːntʃki/, pawnch-ki, Polish: pączki [ˈpɔnt͡ʂkʲi] ( listen), [….]

PastryCast with Josh and Alyssa

PastryCast with Josh and Alyssa Episode 2

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On this episode of the PastryCast Alyssa and Josh discuss the Imagine Salem initiative, the progress on the Salem waterfront at the Footprint site, plans to keep Salem a historic place while being progressive and the Derby St “carnival lot” purchase. This week’s selection of pastry included German Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie, Stuffed [….]