HistoryCast Episode 5: Alyssa Conary, Counter Magic

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Robyn from Creative Collective and Melissa from Now Age Travel take a fresh approach to women’s history in Salem. More than a city of witches, Salem has always had a history of bold women shaping the area for famous, infamous, and lesser-known happenings. Listen to Robyn and Melissa chat with local residents, creatives, politicians, historians, and feminist leaders about the history of Salem and the women who influenced it.

A trip to Peabody – Marina Griffin Studio

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By Roby Giannapolo (@book_witch)

When Marina Griffin Studio became a member of The Collective last fall, I immediately checked out their Instagram @marina.griffin.design and fell in love with their handmade jewelry and scarves. After a long winter (is it finally spring!?), I finally had an opportunity to meet with Kelly and her family at their incredible studio.