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“Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style” Q & A: Kristin Harris and Allison French

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Q & A: Kristin Harris and Allison French on their podcast, “Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style” By Amber Newberry In the shadowed corners of Salem, the local podcasters are whispering in the dark. As the creative community takes to the microphone, they fill our ears with unique talk-shows, old-school style radio-theater, discussion of [….]

PODCAST – PastryCast with Josh and Alyssa

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  The premise of PastryCast is a pretty simple one; Two hosts are given random questions pertaining to local history and it’s juxtaposition to modern topics. The catch… During the entire episode, the hosts will be delivered pastry from a local bakery. PastryCast Salem MA. Today’s episode of PastryCast brings local Historian Alyssa Conary and [….]

Witch Hunt Podcast

The Witch Hunt Podcast – MEAN GIRLS

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Episode Five: Mean Girls Episode Five: Mean Girls Show Notes It’d be easy to write off the young, female accusers at the center of the Salem witchcraft hysteria as bored, angry, frauds, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. These girls and young women led lives of quiet desperation until they just couldn’t keep quiet [….]

Tom the Tour Guide


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Meet Thomas O’Brien Vallor, a practicing witch from Salem, Massachusetts. Learn about the beliefs of modern witches. Happy Halloween! Learn more about Tom the Tour guide and Salem Witch Wiles Tom is a tour guide that operates Satanic Salem Walking Tours out of The Satanic Temple About The Witch Hunt Podcast. Witch Hunt is a bi-weekly [….]