Cosplay Penny Dreadful and World of War Craft at Hawthorne Hotel for Creative Salem Cosplay affair

Salem Scene – The Cosplay Affair – Wrap Up

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The Cosplay affair at the Hawthorne Hotel was a joint production between the hotel, Creative Salem and local cosplayer Mr. Clever. It was a magical evening of creativity, dancing and community building. To learn more about the local cosplay scene read this great article from the Salem News.  Special Thanks to all the sponsors/Vendors Retonica [….]

Creative Spotlight – Lee Roberts aka Mr. Clever

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Meet local creative cosplayer and host of the Cosplay Affair… Lee Roberts Lee Roberts aka Mr. Clever is a cosplayer and custom Funko artist from Salem. They are actively involved in the Cosplay is not Consent: Anti-bullying movement as well as being an admin for Boston Whovians. You can learn more about Lee and their [….]