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I Spy is a popular game that nearly everyone has come into contact with at some point. As an adult, it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes, and if you’re a kid, the fun could last for hours.

We found a few I Spy layouts you could try to take a break from your work. If you want to make one of your own, send your submissions to or tag us at #ISpyCNS

4 Keys, 3 Mushrooms, 2 cameras, 1 frog

Just read the poem for this one

A dinosaur, a purple shoe, a deputy badge, a bottle cap, an airplane, a smile, a hot dog, a snowflake, a rainbow, and a honey bear.

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I Spy a dinosaur, a purple shoe, a deputy badge, a bottle cap, an airplane, a smile, a hot dog, a snowflake, a rainbow and a honey bear. 🔴 I used up all the honey yesterday and decided to recycle the honey bear bottle into a "Treasure Hunt in a Bottle." I used to make these when my kids were little and it kept them busy on roadtrips and long waits at the doctor's office. 🔵 With a quarantine in place, I'm guessing there might be some kiddos at home or in your neighborhood who might enjoy a fun distraction to keep them busy too. Here's how you make one: You take an empty plastic bottle or jar with a lid, make sure its clean and dry inside. Fill it almost to the top with clean, dry sand. White rice will also work if you don't have sand. Next, add little items from around the house – but not too many because you want it to be a challenge. 🟢 If you don't have little toys, raid your junk drawer to find things like coins, paperclips, thumbtacks, bottle caps & buttons. 🔴 Once you've added the I SPY treasure, put a little glue in the threads when screwing the lid on to keep it from being opened. 🟡 If you're making one for each of your kids, try adding different things in each bottle, this way the kids can trade and each treasure hunt will be new. You can turn it into a challenging game by setting a stopwatch to see who can finish their treasure hunt first. Have fun – and stay healthy and safe out there friends! 🟠 . . . #ispy #ispyhunt #whimsybop #collecting #thingsicollect #ispywhimsybop #familyfun #familyfun❤ #familyfunmag #thingstodowithkids #toys #collectingtoys #wheretoysdwell #recycling #upcycling #kidscraft #craftingwithkids #boredombuster #treasurehunt #treasurehuntinabottle

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A Tootsie Roll, a Dum Dum, a cherry Starburst, Bit-O-Honey, Smarties, lemon Pez and Dubble Bubble bubble gum.

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I Spy a Tootsie Roll, a Dum Dum, a cherry Starburst, Bit-O-Honey, Smarties, lemon Pez and Dubble Bubble bubble gum (say that 10x fast!).🍭 No candy was eaten during this photo shoot. Well, maybe a few whoppers and one circus peanut…or two. Okay five circus peanuts – but I skipped breakfast and haven’t had lunch yet, so don’t judge me. I’m a HUGE fan of candy. With all those fun shapes, colors and flavors, it’s like a party in your mouth…weeeee!!! 🍭 I keep a variety of candy in clear glass jars on the kitchen windowsill. It isn’t too tempting for us, really, but there are times when candy is required to get me through my day. 🍭 Bubble gum is my go-to when I do yard work. I don’t mean to brag, but I have bubble blowing skills that are envied by small children.🍭 Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts are reserved for when I’m drawing. I like to pop a tootsie roll into my mouth, get it nice 'n soft, then flatten it like a little pancake on the roof of my mouth. Then I pop in a starburst and skillfully place it in the center of the pancake and wrap the tootsie roll pancake around it. It’s fun – you should try it! 🍭 Whoppers are for when I want something crunchy and chocolatey. I have to buy them by the carton because my family likes them too. 🍭 Red licorice is one of my favorite road trip candies – making a licorice rope last for miles and miles is another skill I’ve acquired through the years.🍭 M&Ms are a family favorite for topping a big bowl of popcorn. The salty-sweet goodness is the BEST!!! This treat is reserved for the weekends when we’re watching a movie together (peanut M&Ms are my personal favorite). 🍭 Circus Peanuts are my ultimate weakness! For some strange reason, I’m the only one in the family who likes them. My skin would probably turn orange like an Oompa Loompa because I have little self-control when it comes to circus peanuts. I only buy them for special occasions. I deem this quarantine a special occasion!🍭Now it’s your turn – what is YOUR favorite candy? 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 #ispy #ispyhunt #eyespy #whimsybop #collecting #thingsicollect #ispywhimsybop #clownsighting #circuspeanuts #tootsierolls #marscandy #spanglercandy #pezcandy #hersheys

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11 Emojis

2 Snails, 2 Keys, 3 acorns, 3 coins, 1 pumpkin

4 elephants, 1 eye, 5 shells, 1 ladybug, 4 hands

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