Salem- The Witchery is excited to present THE TAROT EXPERIMENT: an ongoing event featuring performance art, video, spoken word & music, centered around themes from The Tarot. Opening Night is June 30 at 7:30 pm, with following shows every Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 pm for July and August, and October shows on Friday at 7:30 pm, and Sunday at 3:30 pm.  All performances take place at The Witchery, across from the House of the Seven Gables, at 37 Turner Street, Salem, MA.

“Think of it as Tarot in mixed media,” says Creative Director Margaret (Gret) McGilvray “We use various artistic genres to explore The Tarot in new and thought-provoking ways.” Each Tarot Experiment show is a bit different, nce the audience is involved. “We want the audience to be part of the experience, not just observers. We let them pick the cards to set the direction, lend their voice by interpreting the card of the day, and guess the theme of our Tarot Wild Card segment for a chance to win discounts at The Witchery. There’s a lot going on!”


The Tarot originated in Northern Italy, somewhere around 1450. Initially used as a popular card game, interest in the cards expanded over the centuries to include different perspectives and interpretations. And while the cards certainly have lasting power, not everyone is comfortable with them.

“Because they contain heavy themes such as Death (endings), The Devil (materialism), The Tower (drastic change), people think tarot cards are somehow sinister,” explains Gret. “But whether we like it or not, these themes are present in all of our lives. So let’s explore that. How do they affect us? Let’s get to the meat of what it’s all about.”

Bruce Malley, co-owner of The Witchery along with Gret, is also involved in The Tarot Experiment. “I’m excited to be part of the show,” says Bruce. “As the guitarist, I get to use a multitude of sound effects. A lot of what I do will be improvisational.” Along with Gret, Bruce also plays for Calamus, a band that recently performed at the Salem Arts Festival. He is also the founder of the Grateful Dead influenced band, Broken Rose.


What’s at The Witchery? The Tarot Experience & The Witches Three

About The Witchery, Gret has this to say. “The Witchery is an experiment in and of itself. It’s challenging to get people to walk past Ye Olde Pepper Candy Company, and one block beyond the House of the Seven Gables! But once they do, they are pleasantly surprised. It’s a small, intimate setting- like being in someone’s cozy living room.”

Seating is limited to 20 people per show. Get your tickets early! $10 /

Opening Night: Friday, June 30, 7:30 pm

July – August: Every Saturday & Sunday at 3:30 pm

October: Fridays, 7:30 pm; Sundays, 3:30 pm.

(Additional shows based on demand)


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